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With the Magic by Donna K. Weaver

With the Magic: Twickenham Time Travel Romance #7

Author: Donna K. Weaver

Publisher: Emerald Arch Publishing

Publish Date: February 14th. 2019


e-book/181 pages

FTC FYI: I received an ARC from the author. All views and opinions expressed are my own.

Goodreads Summary

When Gareth Hildebrand travels from the year 1850 to a future time, he’s not expecting to fall in love.

As the eighth Earl of Kellworth, Gareth is accustomed to getting what he wants. Then he encounters a woman he suspects is from the future--a utopian future that he feels compelled to see. He intends to get what he wants, but it will involve dealing with fae magic. And that could lead to disaster--for his heart.

Dr. Catherine Ryan is drawn to the handsome guest at Twickenham Manor, with his odd combination of childish excitement and old eyes that have seen too much pain. She loses her heart to him before she discovers the truth of when he’s from. Now she faces the biggest decision of her life!

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My review

It only took reading a couple pages and then I was completely immersed in the story. I enjoyed how this book stands alone, but all the books in the series intertwine. When I started reading, I felt like I already knew the characters. "Aunt" Nellie was quick to love and Gareth also won we over quickly. He had a certain quality that I eagerly wanted to read more about. Catherine too was wonderful. In fact, all of the characters were fantastic. I enjoyed Gareth and Catherine's "lessons" when Gareth was in the present time. I especially thought the first time Gareth tried on jeans was particularly fun. It made me smile when he asked why they looked so "worn". I loved Gareth and Catherine's "lessons" and how they got to know each other. It was also funny when Catherine told Gareth he couldn't carry a sword around London. I enjoyed the turn the story took and why the two had to travel back to Gareth's time. The couple's quiet moments were sweet and enduring, but they were both torn between their two worlds. 

5 out of 5 stars. The ending is quite perfect for the story. I will be checking out the other books in the series to get to know the other characters. 

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