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The Pursuit of Lady Harriet by Rachael Anderson -- Book Blast

The Pursuit of Lady Harriett by Rachael Anderson

When wills clash and hearts collide, who will reign victorious?

Termed an "Incomparable" during her first London season, Lady Harriett Cavendish is beautiful, spirited, and confident, capturing the attention of a great many suitors. Unfortunately, they all failed to capture her attention, and she concluded the season as unattached as she’d begun it. Only weeks prior to her second season, Harriett encounters Lieutenant Christopher Jamison while visiting Tanglewood Manor. Recently returned from war, the lieutenant is everything that Harriett's previous suitors were not. He’s arrogant, ungentlemanly, irritating, and challenges her at every opportunity. When he goes too far, Harriett decides that it’s time to turn the tables on him. But as she sets out to put the lieutenant in his place once and for all, she discovers there is more to him than meets the eye, and when it comes to matters of the heart, she has no control whatsoever.



The corners of the man’s eyes crinkled in a mild show of amusement. “Lady Harriett, I presume?” Rather than look at her with appreciation as most men did, he appeared amused.
At her nod, he tucked his hands behind his back, remaining a few steps above her. “I am Lieutenant Christopher Jamison, an old friend of Jonathan’s.”
“I was expecting you days ago,” she answered. “Lord Jonathan charged me with the unhappy task of informing you he and his new bride are currently away on their wedding trip. He is sorry he cannot be here to meet with you and has asked that I relay his apologies.”
“May I inquire as to how long they will be away?” he asked.
No, you may not, she wanted to say. Her neck was beginning to ache from looking up at him, but she forced her gaze to remain steady. “They expected to be gone a fortnight, sir.”
“And they have been gone how long, exactly?”
She felt an unaccountable hesitancy to tell him. “A week.”
“Ah.” He sounded disappointed but seemed to take the news in stride, glancing at Charlie as though wondering whether he ought to retrieve his horse or not. Harriett prayed that he would.
When his gaze strayed back to her, he took the unwelcome, and ungentlemanly, liberty of perusing her figure. When his eyes met hers again, his lips twitched into a slight smile. “Forgive me, my lady, but you appear to have had a run-in with a mud puddle and lost.”
How kind of him to point that out. Harriett kept her hands at her side rather than attempt to brush the dirt from her face and pelisse yet again. The damage was done, and no amount of brushing or shaking would remove the muck. What she needed was a hot bath and a change of clothes.
“Actually, sir, I was merely an innocent bystander.”
She picked up her skirts and ascended the steps, stopping on the stair above him so that she was eye level with him. “Are you always such a reckless rider, sir? Do you not pay heed to your surroundings?”
“Of course I do.”
“If you had, you would have seen me standing at the side of the road and, I would hope, thought to slow your animal down so as to not splash mud all over my pelisse.”
Her chilly set down did not have the desired effect. He did not appear the least bit repentant. Rather, he looked ready to burst into laughter. “And your face, apparently.” He leaned forward and squinted. “If I’m not mistaken, there is a splash or two of mud on your bonnet as well.”
Harriett glared at him. “How observant you are, Lieutenant Jamison. One can only wonder why you didn’t put that skill to good use earlier. If you had, perhaps my pelisse, face, and bonnet would still be clean.”
“I am always observant, my lady,” he said. “But might I suggest that if you would like to be noticed at the side of the road, you should wear a color that does not blend so perfectly with your surroundings. That particular shade of green looks quite lovely on you, but only someone with the eyes of an eagle would have spotted you in front of a landscape of evergreens.”
Harriett opened her mouth to respond, but no words were forthcoming. The man did not even attempt to behave like a gentleman. How could he be so . . . so . . .
“Have you no apology to offer, sir?” she finally spluttered.
“Oh, did I not apologize? Forgive me.”
“For what? Forgetting to apologize or for not doing so in the first place?”

Author Rachael Anderson

A USA Today bestselling author, Rachael Anderson is the mother of four and is pretty good at breaking up fights, or at least sending guilty parties to their rooms. She can’t sing, doesn’t dance, and despises tragedies. But she recently figured out how yeast works and can now make homemade bread, which she is really good at eating.


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Sweet Romance Giveaway -- Win $300

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The Secret of the India Orchid by Nancy Campbell Allen -- Blog Tour/Giveaway

The Secret of the India Orchid

Author: Nancy Campbell Allen

Publisher: Shadow Mountain

Published: August 1, 2017

ISBN13: 9781629722931

Paperback: 320 pages

FTC FYI: I received a complimentary copy, all views and opinions expressed are my own.

Goodreads Summary

Anthony Blake is in love with his best friend's sister, Sophia Elliot. But his plans to court her are put on hold when he is forced to resume his role as an undercover spy for the Crown. A secret document listing the names of the entire network of British spies-including his own-has been stolen. To protect Sophia, Anthony cuts off all ties to her and exchanges his life as an honorable earl for the façade of a flirtatious playboy.

Heartbroken and confused, Sophia travels to India, hoping to find healing in one of the most exotic regions of the British Empire. But the exotic land isn't as restful as she had hoped. Instead, she finds herself embroiled in a mystery of a missing sea captain, a possible murder, and a plot that could involve the prince of India. And when Anthony appears at the British Residency, asking questions and keeping his distance from her, she is stunned.

She still loves him, and, in her heart, she knows he loves her too. But how can she rebuild her relationship with him if he won't confide in her? Does she dare offer her heart to him a second time, or will their love be lost under the India sun?

My Review

The Secret of the India Orchid is another great book by Nancy.  Sophia and Anthony are fantastic characters.  Sophia is a joy.  She is strong willed, smart and knows what she wants.  I loved the banter between Anthony and Sophia.  I also enjoyed the mystery and appreciated the fun twists in this entertaining Proper Romance.  I enjoyed the point of view switches between Sophia and Anthony.  I especially enjoyed Anthony's inner thoughts when it came to Sophia.   The India setting was described very well.  I was happy with a certain turn of events, I did laugh at Sophia's first reaction to some news.  

5 out of 5 stars. 

Author Links

Goodreads / Twitter

Purchase Links

Amazon / Barnes and Noble / Deseret Book

I am thrilled to offer a signed paperback copy (US only) of The Secret of the India Orchid. To enter, fill out this easy Rafflecopter. Good luck!

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National Romance Awareness Month - The Sheriffs of Savage Wells/Giveaway

Today is the day to celebrate the solar eclipse!
I am giving away a signed paperback copy of
The Sheriffs of Savage Wells by Sarah M. Eden
(US only)
Check out my 5 star review here.

To enter fill out the Rafflecopter.
Giveaway ends August 28th.
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The World's Greatest Adventure Machine by Frank L. Cole -- blog tour/giveaway

 The World's Greatest Adventure Machine

Author: Frank L. Cole

Publisher: Delacorte Press

Published: August 8th, 2017

ISBN13: 9780399552823

Hardcover: 320 pages

FTC FYI: I received an ARC from the author, all views and opinions expressed are my own.

Goodreads Summary

An adventure novel about four lucky kids and a mysterious, but thrilling ride for fans of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or Jurassic Park!

CastleCorp and the famous Castleton brothers are unveiling the World's Greatest Adventure Machine! The roller coaster is an experience like no other, and four lucky kids have won the chance to be the first to ride it. 

There's Trevor, whose latest stunt got him in trouble at school again. There's Devin, whose father is pushing him to be the next Internet sensation. Nika's wealthy grandfather isn't too pleased about her participation. And Cameron, he'll be the first to tell you, is a certified genius. 

The whole world is watching. But as the kids set off on their journey, they begin to realize that there is perhaps more to their fellow contest winners than meets the eye. And the Adventure Machine? It might just have a mind of its own.

Join the contestants on their wild ride if you dare. Your adventure starts now! 

My Review

The World's Greatest Adventure Machine is another hit for Frank Cole!  This book has it all. Adventure (which is a given from the title!), humor, heart, and lots of fun.  All of the characters were fabulous.  Each was unique in their own way, which is very important later.  I adored them all. Cameron would say the funniest things.  He was my favorite.  Devin was great too.  Nika kept to herself and was very cautious (for good reason, which is revealed later).  Trevor, wow I wish I was that brave.  This book is very funny and clever.  I love books about kids who are smart and work out their problems.  All while having fun too.  The plot is exciting and there are lots of twists and turns to add to the adventure.  

5 out of 5 stars.  Frank can always be counted on a for a fun, enjoyable book.

Author Links

Goodreads / Website / Twitter / Facebook

Purchase Links

Amazon / Barnes and Noble / Deseret Book

Tour Schedule

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Havencross by Julie Daines -- Blog tour/giveaway


Author: Julie Daines

Publisher: Covenant

Published: August 1, 2017

ISBN13: 9781524403324

Paperback: 224 pages

FTC FYI: I received a paperback copy from the publisher, all views and opinions expressed are my own.

Goodreads Summary

When a shocking scandal involving her father spreads through London society, Elaine Cardinham and her parents are forced to retreat to their country home in Cornwall for refuge. But Havencross is no sanctuary for Elaine. She is haunted by the mysterious disappearance of her brother—and the heartbreak she left in her wake all those years ago. It has been five long years since Gareth Kemp last saw Elaine—when she rejected his marriage proposal. Her reappearance convinces him of one thing: he has never stopped loving her. To put his feelings for her aside, he focuses his attention on the dangerous smuggling plaguing the Cornish coast. As Elaine attempts to run from her past, she ventures ever closer to a dangerous truth—and Gareth may be the only one who can save her from a deadly finish.

My Review

Julie Daines is one of my favorite authors.  Her books are always wonderful.  I absolutely loved Havencross.  I could tell Julie researched thoroughly for this book and it paid off.  The setting itself was a character.  With the beautiful descriptions and details, I could picture Cornwall.  The story is beautifully told and I loved the suspense that was throughout the book as well.  Elaine was a strong, smart and caring character.  All of the characters were written well.  Gareth was especially wonderful. I loved the seeds of hints that were planted along the way.  I was not surprised by the "bad guy", but wow, so many exciting scenes and heart-pounding suspense kept me reading and reading and reading until I was done.  

5 out of 5 stars.  Everything this author writes is perfect!

Author Links

Website / Twitter / Goodreads / Facebook

Purchase Links

Amazon / Barnes and Noble / Deseret Book / Seagull Book

Tour Schedule

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National Romance Awareness Month - Edenbrooke/Giveaway

Today is National Book Lovers Day!
To celebrate I am giving away a paperback copy of 
Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson. (US only)
This is the book that started the Proper Romance Series
and it is a great one!

To enter, fill out the Rafflecopter.
Ends August 16th.
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National Romance Awareness Month - The Vicar's Daughter by Josi S. Kilpack/Giveaway

Today is National Sister's Day! To celebrate I am giving 
away a copy of 
The Vicar's Daughter by Josi S. Kilpack. (US only)
I read and reviewed this book a couple months ago 
and I just loved it. 
Check out my review here.

To enter, fill out the Rafflecopter below! 
Giveaway ends August 12th.

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Shattered Worlds Blog Tour -- Author Spotlight

Today is my day to share this awesome box set for the blog tour.  
As well as spotlighting an amazing author...

About Shattered Worlds
Escape into twenty-three epic worlds that will leave you breathless.

From dystopian nightmares to gorgeous steampunk and fantasy settings to fairy-tale retellings and beyond, SHATTERED WORLDS has every story you've been dying to get your hands on!

This unique Young Adult/New Adult collection, inspired by the creative minds of today's New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling authors, promises to satisfy your cravings for action and adventure as you experience rune magic and time-travel, overthrow corrupt governments, meet reapers and aliens, battle dragons, fall hopelessly in love, and break ancient curses, right alongside some of the bravest characters in fantasy fiction!

Each book within this collection is exclusive to the set and can't be found anywhere else.

Preorder now for your passport to SHATTERED WORLDS!

Nichole Giles author spotlight!

Nichole Giles is the author of young adult fantasy with strong romantic elements and clean to PG-13 ratings. Find her on the web! Website | Newsletter | Facebook | Amazon | Goodreads |Twitter

Nichole Giles had early career plans of becoming an actress or a rock star, but she decided instead to have a family and then become a writer. Writing is her passion, but she also loves to spend time with her husband and children, travel to tropical and exotic destinations, drive in the rain with the convertible top down, and play music at full volume so she can sing along.

OCEAN SO WIDE pre-order for $0.99

Shattered Worlds Authors

- J.L. Weil, USA Today Bestselling Author
- J.A. Culican, USA Today Bestselling Author
- J.A. Armitage, USA Today Bestselling Author
- N.R. Larry, NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author
- Jane Redd, USA Today Bestselling Author
- Miranda Hardy, USA Today Bestselling Author
- Julie Hall, International Bestselling Author
- Cameo Renae, International Bestselling Author
- Jen Minkman, International Bestselling Author
- Cindy M. Hogan, Bestselling Author
- Elana Johnson, Bestselling Author
- Rebecca Rode, International Bestselling Author
- Audrey Grey
- Nichole Giles
- Katy Haye
- Cortney Pearson
- Elizabetta Holcomb
- Ali Winters
- Kristy Tate
- Liz Long
- AG Henley
- Ainsley Shay
- Jay Noel
- Emily Martha Sorensen

Blog Tour Schedule 
Monday, July 24th 
  • Author Spotlight: Cindy Hogan – My Book A Day
  • Shattered Worlds Spotlight – Bobbi’s Blog 
  • Author Spotlight: H.B. Moore – The Critic Uncritical Bookworm

Tuesday, July 25th 
  • Shattered Worlds Spotlight – Cameo Renae
  • Shattered Worlds Spotlight – Realms of the Supernatural  

Wednesday, July 26th  
  • Shattered Worlds Spotlight – Indie Book Reviews 
  • Author Interview: Ali Winters – Aconite Café 

Thursday, July 27th
  • Shattered Worlds Spotlight – Katie’s Clean Book Collection 
  • Shattered Worlds Spotlight – Us Girls & A Book 

Friday, July 28th 
  • Author Spotlight: Julie Hall – She Hearts Fiction 
  • Author Spotlight: Kristy Tate – Lands Uncharted 
  • Shattered Worlds Spotlight – Under the Book Cover 

Saturday, July 29th 
  • Author Interview: J.L. Weil – Circle of Stalkers 
  • Shattered Worlds Spotlight – Twirling Book Princess 

Monday, July 31st  
  • Author Spotlights: Liz Long & Cameo Renae – Lady Amber’s Reviews & PR 
  • Author Interview: A.G. Henley – Mom with a Reading Problem 
  • Shattered Worlds Spotlight – YA & NA Bookshelf 

Tuesday, August 1st  
  • Author Spotlight: Rebecca Rodes – Why Not? Because I Said So!
  • Shattered Worlds Spotlight – (Not) Write in the Head  

Wednesday, August 2nd 
  • Author Interview: Elana Johnson – crochetandbookblog 
  • Shattered Worlds Spotlight – So Few Books 
  • Shattered Worlds Spotlight – Book Crazy Lady 

Thursday, August 3rd 
  • Author Spotlight: Nicole Giles – Min Reads and Reviews 

Friday, August 4th 
  • Author Spotlight: Jane Redd – Getting Your Read On 
  • Shattered Worlds Spotlight – No Thought 2 Small 

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National Romance Awareness Month

It is National Romance Awareness Month!

To celebrate I will be giving away three books from the Shadow Mountain Proper Romance line.

The dates for my giveaways will be August 6, August 9 and August 21

Join Shadow Mountain to celebrate Romance Awareness Month
Friday, August 4th 2017 on Facebook!