Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Cover reveal for Timeless Romance Anthology: A Yuletide Regency

I am excited to share this amazing cover with you today!


Coming November 2nd, 2018
Six brand new Regency romance novellas by Regina Scott, Sarah M. Eden, Jen Geigle Johnson, Annette Lyon, Krista Lynne Jensen, and Heather B. Moore.

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Friday, August 17, 2018

Anna the Prophetess by H. B. Moore -- Blog Tour

Anna the Prophetess

Author: H. B. Moore

Publisher: Covenant

Published: August 1, 2018

ISBN13: 9781524406790

Paperback: 250 pages

FTC FYI: I received a copy from the publisher, all views and opinions expressed are my own.

Goodreads Summary

Anna the Prophetess is the dramatic chronicle of the only woman to be called a prophetess in the Gospels. When Anna’s great-niece Julia is exiled to Jerusalem as punishment for her refusal to marry a man old enough to be her father, Anna shares the story of her early days of courtship with her husband. Although Julia’s parents admonished her to observe firsthand how lonely Anna’s life is, Julia instead discovers that her great-aunt’s life is far from lonely. Instead, Anna’s story is one of love, peace, and incredible faith.

As Anna shares her unwavering testimony of the coming Messiah with her great-niece, these two faithful women are changed forever as they seek the Lord’s will in their lives and joyfully witness the long-awaited sign of Christ’s birth.

My Review

Author H. B. Moore has a talent for bringing the scriptures to life. I love the heartfelt and caring perspective she brings to these amazing historical characters. As I read this book, I could only imagine the real Anna as she awaited the birth of the Savior. I loved the addition of the fictional Julia and what she able to learn from Anna and her wisdom. The alternative timeline was enjoyable and a great way to get to know who Anna could have been. I enjoyed Julia and her journey and the small miracles that came along the way. 

5 out of 5 stars.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Kiss of the Spindle by Nancy Campbell Allen -- Blog Tour

Kiss of the Spindle: A Steampunk Sleeping Beauty

Author: Nancy Campbell Allen

Publisher: Shadow Mountain

Published: July 3rd, 2018

ISBN13: 97816297224140

Paperback: 360 pages

FTC FYI: I received an ARC from the publisher, all views and opinions expressed are my own.

Goodreads Summary

Doctor Isla Cooper is cursed. Literally. Each night, at the stroke of midnight she falls into a death-like sleep from which she cannot be awakened for six hours. To make it worse, the curse has an expiration date—after a year, it becomes permanent. And the year is almost up.

In a desperate attempt to find Malette—the witch who cursed her—Isla blackmails her way onto Daniel Pickett's private airship bound for the Caribbean, only to discover she's traveling with three illegal shapeshifters and the despicable Nigel Crowe, a government official determined to hunt down and exterminate every shapeshifter in England. Isla and Daniel must work together to keep the identities of the shapeshifters hidden while coming to terms with their own hidden secrets, and their blossoming attraction to each other.

Filled with suspense, intrigue, and plenty of romance, Kiss of the Spindle is steampunk Sleeping Beauty story. It is a race against the clock as Isla and Daniel try to hunt down the elusive Malette before Isla's death-like sleep becomes permanent.

My review

Kiss of the Spindle is another amazing book from this talented author. Sleeping Beauty is my favorite Disney movie, I was so excited to read book and I was not at all disappointed. I loved it. The characters were spot on. Isla and Daniel are perfect. I also enjoyed the supporting characters too. Isla was so amazing. Her "no nonsense" way was fun and I loved the back and forth between her and Daniel. Not only is Isla tough, but is also extremely compassionate and caring. She had a great relationship with the others on the voyage. I enjoyed the mystery of the spell Isla is under and how she had to learn to rely on others for help. Daniel, oh Daniel. He was a dreamy delight. So protective and charismatic. I appreciated how the author planted several plots to keep the story going and didn't dump all the information. It was a perfect way to keep me reading and wanting more. 

5 out of 5 stars. 

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