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Timeless Western Collection: A Wyoming Summer


Timeless Western Collection: A Wyoming Summer

Authors: Carla Kelly, Christine Sterling, Heather B. Moore

Publisher: Mirror Press

300 pages

Published: June 20, 2023

FTC FYI: I received an eARC from the publisher. All views and opinions are my own.

Goodreads Summaries

ELLEN FOUND by Carla Kelly
Set in location of Old Faithful Inn, 1903-4. Working in a discouraging cafe, Ellen escapes an awful situation in rough and tumble Butte, Montana, and goes to work as second in command to a wary cook in the shell that will become Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone Park. She meets Charles Penrose, head carpenter on the massive project of Old Faithful Inn, which is being finished in a harsh Wyoming winter. Will it really open June 1, 1904? Can Ellen start to trust the other workers? What will she learn about the other employees? And Charles. He's a widower with a young daughter there, too. Like Ellen, he wants more.

THE WIDOW OF DAYBREAK by Christine Sterling
Doris Whistler is learning how to survive in a town taken over by outlaws. When the leader of an infamous gang murders her husband, her choices are to tuck tail and run, or stand her ground and make Daybreak as promising as its name. It proves to be a difficult task with the good citizens in fear of the corrupt mayor and godlessness that abounds. What she doesn't expect is the support of a traveling lawman who believes in her and the tiny town she loves so much.

MAY I KISS THE BRIDE? by Heather B. Moore
Viola Delany is not happy about being sent to the middle-of-nowhere, small town Wyoming. Yes, it will be good to let the gossips find something else to talk about other than her failed engagement. And yes, it will be nice to spend the summer with her Aunt Beth. But as Viola sits on the train heading for Wyoming, wondering how she'll ever occupy her time in such a small town, none other than a real life cowboy sits across the way. She can't help but take peeks at him, noting that the condition of his unpolished black boots and scuffed rawhide jacket seem to be authentic . . . All right, so he might be tall, dark-haired, and handsome if a woman doesn't mind green eyes and a dangerous-looking scar, but this man certainly has nothing to do with her. Besides she'll never see him again. What are the chances he's traveling to the same middle-of-nowhere small town?

My review

I love the Timeless Anthologies. Not only did I get three well written stories, I got to enjoy stories from two authors whose books I love (Heather and Carla) and I got to read a story from an author (Christine) whose books I hadn’t found yet and I will gladly be reading more of. Each story was well written and the pacing was perfect for a novella. That is what I enjoy most in reading novellas. I especially loved Heather’s story, but all three were wonderful reads and the leading ladies were well done. A Wyoming Summer is an entertaining summer read.

5 stars!

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