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A Torn Allegiance by Jen Geigle Johnson -- blog tour/giveaway

 A Torn Allegiance 

Author: Jen Geigle Johnson

Publisher: Covenant Communications

Paperback: 288 pages

FTC FYI: I received an eARC from the publisher. All views and opinions are my own. 

Goodreads Summary

Peace is tenuous in the small kingdom of Oldenburg, and the looming threat of invasion from Napoleon weighs heavily on the royal family. Their country’s best chance for safety lies in strengthening their alliance with the English. So it is that Prince Hayes Wilhelm finds himself returning to England, where he hopes a prominent duke can help him protect his country.

Lady Elsie longs to make a difference in the world, but spying was not quite what she had in mind. So when her father, the Duke of Shelby, approaches her about keeping a close eye on the visiting crown prince of Oldenburg, she reluctantly agrees. But the outspoken young woman did not anticipate finding in Hayes a man who shares—and respects—her progressive ideas. Their mutual attraction is undeniable, but Elsie cannot forget her charge to spy on the man who is quickly stealing her heart. With the threat of war looming ever closer, Elsie and Hayes must consider carefully whom to trust—before their secrets tear them apart.

My review

I enjoyed this book so much! I immediately loved Elsie. She is caring, compassionate and kind. Her knowledge and bluestocking ways intrigued Prince Hayes. Her countenance radiantly shines through the pages and some of her inner thoughts and actions had me laughing out loud. Chapter seven was a prime example of that. I read it a couple times!

The title is a great theme throughout the story as hearts are torn in so many ways. And the supporting characters are just as strong and captivating as Elsie and Hayes. Elsie’s mother and Hayes’s brothers were also favorites.

A Torn Allegiance is an excellent story with an engaging plot. Another book fantastic book from Jen Johnson.

5 out of 5 stars. 

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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Until Vienna by Heather B. Moore - blog tour giveaway


Until Vienna: Romance on the Orient Express (Book 3)

Heather B. Moore

Publisher: Covenant

Release date April 1st, 2021

Paperback and e-book: 176 pages


Georgina Ballard has been disappointed in love more than a few times, a fact that she is uncomfortably aware of amid her sister’s wedding preparations. When her elderly aunt Rowena bids Gigi to accompany her on an art tour across Europe, Gigi hesitates but eventually resigns herself to the train journey alongside a group of aged art connoisseurs, if only to mollify her aunt.

Once aboard the Orient Express, Gigi is pleased to discover that not everyone on the tour is in their twilight years: Clyde Haskins, an energetic young art professor from the University of London, will serve as the group’s tour guide. Clyde is equally intrigued that a young lady has joined the tour, and Aunt Rowena and her friends immediately set out to play matchmaker. Clyde and Gigi both find humor in Aunt Rowena’s antics despite knowing that each is determined to keep their heart carefully guarded. Yet, the enchantment of their European exploration weaves an undeniable spell between them. When their journey ends, can their holiday love story endure the obstacles of real life?

My review

Oh, how I loved this book! I think we all can relate to Gigi in some way, we're just wanting to do our thing and want control of our own lives, but when this trip gets thrown her way, she decides to make the best of it. Gigi is a fantastic character. I loved her kind nature. I was a little annoyed by Aunt Rowena at first, but I grew to love her immensely. As much as I enjoyed Clyde's and Gigi's developing relationship, it was nice to see Gigi's relationship with Aunt Rowena improve. Even though Rowena was still who she was, Gigi accepted her silly ways and helped and cared for her in times of need. Aunt Rowena stole the show for me. The list she made about Professor Haskins was hilarious! I was laughing out loud. I loved Gigi's letters to her sister Lillian. With them, we were able to get a glimpse of Gigi's true feelings and it added a special touch of details that were important to Gigi.

5 out of 5 stars! This is book 3 in the series, but these books can still be enjoyed reading them in any order. 

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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Mission Stories - Movie Release and giveaway

Salt Lake City – Excel Entertainment announced today the creation of a new media franchise, MISSION STORIES, focused entirely on telling stories of missionaries for The Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-day Saints. The franchise launches with the theatrical release of MISSION STORIES, a moving retelling of three true stories of missionary work. The theatrical trailer for the film debuts on Wednesday, April 7 at missionstories.com and the feature film opens exclusively in theaters on Friday, May 7 distributed jointly with Purdie Distribution. 

Assembled as an anthology of three stories told over four chapters, the project was created by the filmmaking team of Bryce Clark (writer, producer, director), Jason Allred (producer), Crystal Myler (writer) and Arthur Van Wagenen (executive producer) after meeting with a full room of former mission presidents and their companions. “We heard so many incredible stories -- story after story of events that cannot be simply coincidences,” explained Bryce Clark. “Every story shows that God has his hand in the work and people’s lives are being transformed and saved through this work.” 

“People assume they know what a “mission story” depicted on the big screen will be like,” said Arthur Van Wagenen. “Our goal in this film and the entire MISSION STORIES franchise is to tell stories from not just the perspective of missionaries, but from the perspective of people who make the radical choice to become disciples of Jesus Christ.” 

The film tells three true stories, including “Hermanos” that focuses on a father overcoming a crisis of faith so that he can baptize his family. “Chuck” tells the story of a man questioning whether God truly loves him and learning to see himself as God does. Finally, “Full Circle” is told in the opening and closing chapters of the film, and shows that the power of faith applied over years or even decades can ultimately bear fruit in overcoming spiritual issues as serious as depression and addiction. 

“’Full Circle’ is an especially personal story for me because a character is based on me and the culmination of this story played out as we were developing this project,” explained Clark. “When people watch the film they’ll see when people struggle the Lord never gives up on them, and how the faith of others can help rescue them. I hope sharing this story may inspire others who are facing similar challenges.”  

“The MISSION STORIES film is only the first step in creating a full Mission Stories brand and media franchise,” said Van Wagenen. “We are creating an avenue where people can submit their own mission stories which can be shared with the world to help increase people’s faith and sense of worth.” 

Going forward, Mission Stories will become an incubator for up-and-coming writers and directors who will continue to tell these important stories for years to come.” 

For more information and to see the film’s trailer, visit missionstories.com 

Website: www.missionstories.com

YouTube: https://youtu.be/4zAOLGNcpRo



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Monday, March 29, 2021

In Harm's Way by Traci Hunter Abramson

In Harm's Way

Author: Traci Hunter Abramson

Publisher: Covenant

Published: March 8th 2021

297 pages, paperback

FTC FYI: I received a MOBI copy. All views and opinions expressed are my own.

Goodreads Summary

For years, Troy has lived in the shadows as a Guardian. As part of this secret government taskforce, he has agreed to oversee the team’s base of operations on a remote private island in Maine, replacing fellow agent Ace and his wife, Kristi, for a year.

When Troy steps in to hold down the fort, however, he does not anticipate company. So when Kristi’s sister, Jocelyn, appears on the island, looking for a getaway, Troy is unnerved by her presence—hiding his top-secret work from the beautiful visitor is a recipe for disaster. 

It’s been years since Jocelyn has been able to relax, and the family island is the clear antidote to the chaos of the business world. Expecting solitude, she is taken off guard by the presence of the handsome house sitter living in her sister’s home. Though she and Troy fall into an easy friendship, beneath his calm demeanor, he is an enigma. It’s clear the man who is quickly stealing her heart has a secret, but the truth is beyond Jocelyn’s wildest imaginings: Troy is involved in stopping a political coup, and their relationship threatens to place Jocelyn squarely in the crosshairs of a deadly assassin.

My review

In Harm’s Way is another nail-biting suspenseful ride by this talented author. Every morning I’d grumble in the fact I had to work, taking my time away from reading. The author does an incredible job of weaving some romance into this finely tuned mystery. I thoroughly enjoy the POV changes. I love getting in the heads of the bad guys. Each character is expertly written and I enjoyed being on the island again.

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Thursday, March 18, 2021

Royal Spy by Heather Frost - cover reveal

 I am thrilled to share this amazing cover with you!

ROYAL DECOY was a fantastic read and I am so excited for ROYAL SPY's release

A little info first...

A DECOY recruited to be a spy.

A PRINCE compelled to become an assassin.

A SERJAH pressured by an unwanted crown.

A WORLD covered in shadows.

Mere months ago, Clare was just a kitchen maid. Now, she is a decoy for Princess Serene and a novice spy, caught in the royal family's web of secrets. While journeying to Mortise to finalize the princess’s betrothal to Serjah Desfan, Clare lives for the stolen moments she has with Bennick, the bodyguard who is quickly claiming her heart. But when a notorious assassin is hired to kill her, Clare’s life and the alliance hang in the balance.

In Ryden, Grayson prepares to leave for Mortise with his brother, Liam. Their orders are to ignite a war between their enemies, and Grayson has been tasked with assassinating Princess Serene. It may cost his soul, but he is ready to comply, as long as he gets something in return: freedom for Mia, the girl he loves. But the more time he spends with his brother, the more he begins to wonder if Liam is what Grayson wishes he had the courage to be . . . a traitor. 

Desfan feels trapped. By his disapproving council, his impending marriage to a stranger, and the imminent arrival of enemy princes who may not want the peace they profess. When a dangerous drug threatens his people, Desfan jumps at the chance to rely on his swords instead of politics. But his investigation uncovers more than he bargained for—a plot that may destroy Mortise from within.

Eyrinthia hovers on the edge of war. Spies. Rebels. Traitors. All must choose a side.

Here is the beautiful cover!

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***Pre-order Royal Spy and fill out the form to receive an EXCLUSIVE scene from Bennick’s POV:
The Decoy and the Bodyguard***

Kindle link for ROYAL DECOY - $3.99 to purchase or FREE on Kindle Unlimited
Paperback for ROYAL DECOY
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Heather Frost writes mostly YA fiction and has a soft spot for tortured characters, breath-stealing romance, and happy endings. She is the author of the Seers trilogy and the Fate of Eyrinthia series. She has a BS in Creative Writing and a minor in Folklore, which means she got to read fairy tales and ghost stories and call it homework. When she's not writing, Heather likes to read, travel, and hold Lord of the Rings movie marathons. She lives in a beautiful valley surrounded by towering mountains in the wilds of Utah. To learn more about Heather and her books, visit her website: www.HeatherFrost.com

Monday, March 15, 2021

A Captain for Caroline Gray by Julie Wright


A Captain for Caroline Gray

Author: Julie Wright

Publisher: Shadow Mountain

Published: March 6th, 2021

336 pages

FTC FYI: I received an ARC from the publisher. No review was required, however, all views and opinions expressed are my own.


Caroline Gray would rather be daring and intelligent than demure and insipid, which is why she is still unmatched after her third season in London. Her family’s threadbare finances leave Caroline with only one choice to secure her future: sail with the Fishing Fleet to India, where the son of a family friend is willing to consider an engagement to her.

Captain Thomas Scott loves the open sea as much as he despises the three-month, twice-yearly trip his ship makes as he ferries young English girls across the ocean. He can’t imagine what family would allow an innocent young woman to be matched up with the Englishmen of questionable reputation who work and live in India.

But when Miss Gray boards the HMS Persistence, all of Captain Scott’s plans are upended. Miss Gray’s fiery spirit can’t be contained, and he is shocked and secretly delighted at her boldness—and her beauty. But the rest of his passengers aren’t so kind.

Caroline finds herself an outcast among her peers, but Captain Scott becomes an unlikely ally. They share the same passions and interests, creating an undeniable attraction. But they both know any relationship between them is impossible. After all, Caroline has obligations to fulfill in India.

Caroline has until the end of the voyage to decide if she is going to marry a man she has never met or be brave enough to love a sea captain who just might break her heart.

My review

This book is absolutely enchanting from start to finish. I loved every page. Caroline is a beautiful and memorable character. She lit up the page. I appreciated her strength and her ever growing knowledge and opinions. Captain Scott was also very close to perfect. Their developing relationship was a joy to read. I loved each character, even the not so nice ones, because they were written with care and detail. I also enjoyed the POV changes between Caroline and Thomas. It was a lovely way to see their true feelings and different views.

5 out of 5 stars!

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Saturday, February 27, 2021

The Gentleman and the Thief by Sarah M. Eden


The Gentleman and the Thief

Author: Sarah M. Eden

Publisher: Shadow Mountain

Published: November 2020

368 pages

FYC FYI: I received an ARC from the publisher. All views and opinions expressed are my own. A review was not required. 

Goodreads Summary

A gentleman scribes penny dreadful novels by night and falls in love with a woman who is a music teacher by day—and a thief at night.


From the moment Hollis Darby meets Ana Newport, he’s smitten. Even though he’s from a wealthy, established family and she isn’t, he wishes he could have a life with her by his side. But Hollis has a secret: the deep coffers that have kept his family afloat for generations are bare, so he supports himself by writing penny dreadfuls under a pseudonym. If not for the income from his novels, he would be broke.

Ana Newport also has a secret. Though she once had a place in society thanks to her father’s successful business, bankruptcy and scandal reduced his fortune to nothing more than a crumbling town house. So Ana teaches music during the day, and at night she assumes the identity of the “Phantom Fox.” She breaks into the homes of the wealthy to reclaim trinkets and treasures she feels were unjustly stolen from her family when they were struggling.

When Hollis’s brother needs to hire a music tutor for his daughter, Hollis recommends Ana, giving him a chance to spend time with her. Ana needs the income and is eager for the opportunity to get to know the enigmatic gentleman. What neither of them expects is how difficult it will be to keep their respective secrets from each other.

When a spree of robberies rocks the city, Ana and Hollis join forces to solve the crimes, discovering that working together deepens the affection between them. After all, who better to save the day than a gentleman and a thief?

My review

The Gentleman and the Thief is yet another masterpiece from this talented author. I absolutely love this series of books. (Yes, I recommend you read them in order, you’ll appreciate characters more.) and the penny dreadfuls woven through the story are just as delightful as the main plot. This book has everything I love in a story, especially the little touches of humor and suspense. Ana and Hollis are fabulous. And, as always, it’s some side characters that steal the show. In this book, Very Merry. This author writes her books brilliantly and I appreciate the care she takes with the characters and details. I watched a video of her explaining how she plots these books and it is an amazing process.

5 out of 5 stars!

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Friday, February 26, 2021

Of Sword and Shadow by AL Sowards


Of Sword and Shadow

Author: AL Sowards

Publisher: Covenant

Published: February 2021

ISBN: 9781524413583

FTC FYI: I received a copy from Netgalley. All views and opinions expressed are my own.

251 pages


Greece, 1379

She is known by many names, none of them her own. In truth, she is an unnamed slave, nothing more than a weapon in the hands of her owner in his attempts to provoke political mayhem. When she encounters a handsome young man while on an assignment, she thinks little of him—until he attempts to take what she has stolen. But in her line of work, failure is not an option.

Gillen is intrigued by the mysterious woman who thwarts his mission. But when his path crosses hers again, his intrigue turns to gratitude as the thief he comes to call Eudocia saves his life. The two form a bond of friendship and join forces to wrest control from a group of ruthless rulers. But as their camaraderie blossoms into something more, Gillen and Eudocia must fight for love even as they wage war for a better future.

My review

This book was such a wonderful, intriguing read. I was pulled into the amazing setting quickly and I appreciated the different landscape to imagine while reading. It was a beautiful, refreshing change. Eudocia (well, Little Mouse) was a fascinating character. She had no name, but was known by her master as Little Mouse. Her loyalty is almost her downfall, but I really loved her and the growth she experiences. I enjoyed her even more when Gillen enters her life and the possibilities he could bring to her future. Both of them are wonderful characters, strong and valuable. Each character was exceptional. I appreciated the added historical definitions given at the beginning of the book. It really helps to take that few minutes and read through those terms. 

5 out of 5 stars!

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Monday, February 22, 2021

Second Chance by Julie Coulter Bellon


Second Chance

Author: Julie Coulter Bellon

Series: Griffin Force

200 pages

FTC FYI: I received a ebook from the author. All opinions and views expressed are my own.

Book description

A mission to capture the world's most wanted terrorist. A computer tech sent in undercover. And a woman with a secret that could change everything.

Griffin Force tracks the world's most wanted terrorist to Libya, but the only one on their team that can infiltrate his lair is Augie---their computer tech. Their Libyan contact sends in a young man to help protect Augie during the assignment, but he’s hiding something and Augie doesn’t trust him.

When the simple observe-and-report mission turns into a much bigger operation, Augie must figure out how to alert Griffin Force to Atwah’s deadly plans without compromising his cover. But things get complicated when Augie discovers the secret of the young man with him. Now he’ll have to find a way to stop Atwah and keep both of them alive---or he’ll die trying.  

My review

Second Chance is a fast-paced thrill ride that does not let go until you are turning that last page. I love these types of books! Where you think you might anticipate what is next for the characters, but then you are thrown in a different direction. Julie Coulter Bellon is a master at this. The character development is well done and each character is a strong addition to the story. Rian was especially a favorite. She starts off with a huge secret, but when it is revealed and she and Augie are in a tight spot, I loved how she reminded him that she's been on her own for awhile and can take care of herself. I did love how she let him help her too, once she learned to trust. The author does a great job of throwing in some romance into all of that action too!

5 out of 5 stars! 

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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Instant Cooking with Six Sisters' Stuff


Book Description

Six Sisters’ Stuff is one of the most popular blogs for quick and easy cooking and entertaining at home for families. In their tenth cookbook, the sisters introduce a new wrinkle to their repertoire—“instant” cooking in a multicooker, such as the Instant Pot. Multicookers are a fantastic tool for those looking to save time in the kitchen as well as those who are looking for simpler, more flavorful, and healthier fare.
With more than 100 recipes specifically designed for and tested in an electronic multicooker, everyone from beginning cooks to experienced chefs can find something to master in Instant Cooking with Six Sisters’ Stuff. From entrees to side dishes to desserts, there are multicooker options available that fit the bill.

I was so excited to read through this book. I love, love how Six Sisters cookbooks are written. Each recipe has a picture and the directions are easy to read and follow. I am looking forward to trying out the recipes I have saved to cook. I have tried instant cooking in the past, but with this book, I feel the recipes will go a lot smoother and they will be more enjoyable!

Purchase yours today!

About the authors

The Six Sisters-Camille, Kristen, Elyse, Stephanie, Lauren, and Kendra-started their blog as a way to keep in touch after they moved out of their house and started families of their own. In just a few years their blog has become one of the top sites for women, with millions of visitors each month following the sisters' recipes and tips for running a home. The sisters live in California, Texas, and Utah.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Lamb of God - movie trailer/spotlight

Release date: March 12, 2021

About The Show: This Easter, experience the power of the last week of Jesus Christ's mortal ministry as told through the widely celebrated and sacred oratorio, LAMB OF GOD. This unique concert film brings composer Rob Gardner’s work to the big screen for the first time. Join us for breathtaking performances from new soloists, a new orchestration, and a close-up view of this work that has been compared to Handel’s Messiah and Mozart’s Requiem.

About Rob Gardner: Rob Gardner began his musical career in high school as a member of and arranger for the a cappella band Two Five Nine. The group recorded 5 albums together and, while in college, toured around the country. From there, Rob began composing original works for film, theater and the concert stage. He is the author of a handful of stage musicals, including Blackbeard, The Price of Freedom, and 12 Princesses. Rob has also composed several sacred music oratorios. Rob is an accomplished producer and conductor and appears regularly on the concert stage conducting his works.

Rob has a bachelor's degree in Management and Entrepreneurship from Brigham Young University. He also attended the University of Southern California, doing graduate studies in the prestigious Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television program. He currently resides in Gilbert, AZ.