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The Hometown Groom by Jennifer Youngblood -- $0.99 sale/giveaway

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A hunky quarterback, a debutante, and the merger that might forever keep them apart … 

Emerson Stein has no intention of marrying billionaire Finley Landers just so her daddy’s merger will go through, no matter how much of a hissy fit her mama throws. When she skips out of a high-profile barbecue to barrel race at a rodeo, she never expects to meet Riker Dylan, the new starting quarterback for the Titans. With his startling blue eyes, easy smile, and boyish charm, Riker turns Emerson’s head and sends her pulse racing to the stars. Too bad she chews him out and punches him in the gut. 

Growing up just outside Dallas, Riker Dylan never imagined he’d get the chance to play football for the Titans. An unexpected encounter with a copper-haired beauty puts him on an uncharted path. Why does he get the feeling there’s more to her than meets the eye? 

When the stakes get impossibly high, will Emerson have the courage to choose her own path to be with the man she loves, or will the family pressure prove to be too great? 

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Perfect Set by Melanie Jacobson -- Blog Tour/Giveaway

Perfect Set

Author: Melanie Jacobson

Publisher: Covenant

Published: May 1, 2018

ISBN13: 9781524404253

Paperback: 226 pages

FTC FYI: I received a copy from the publisher, all views and opinions expressed are my own.

Goodreads Summary

Bree Mercer is an ambitious sports reporter who has risen through the ranks to land her dream job. Basking in the sun, sea, and seriously cute guys in her new singles ward, things couldn't be better. That is, until she's assigned to write a feature on the one person she can't stand—professional beach volleyball player Kade Townsend. A typical cocky athlete, Kade's previous attempt to woo her was foiled by Bree's hard-and-fast rule: don't date athletes. Ever.

Kade loathes the media, and for good reason: when his hard-partying ways were exposed by a reporter who claimed to be his friend, the scandal rocked his entire family. Now reformed, Kade has put his life back together, and he has no interest in talking to reporters—least of all Bree Mercer. But when the pair is thrown together despite their best efforts, their chemistry is undeniable. They can't seem to put the brakes on their feelings—until their connection threatens Bree's reputation and Kade's hard-won redemption. Now they must decide if there is a place for love in their plans for the future.

My Review

I was so excited to have another book from Melanie Jacobson to read. I had been looking forward to reading a new book from her for awhile. Perfect Set was definitely worth the wait. It was such a fun and entertaining read. From the setting on the California beach, and the fabulous characters, plus many funny moments, made this book absolutely perfect. Bree is awesome. She is smart, ambitious and has the best job. When she meets Kade, she isn't impressed by their first meeting, but once she gets to know him... she still isn't sure what to think. That is what I liked most, both Bree and Kade weren't sure about each other. Kade because of personal reasons with reports, Bree because of family issues. That is what made the book very enjoyable to read and kept me up way too late, trying to find out what happens. Bree has a lot to deal with in this book, and she handled things well and at her own time. Events happened I wasn't surprised with from the set up, but in the end, I was very pleased with the outcome and the lessons learned by both characters. 

5 out of 5 stars. 

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Prejudice Meets Pride by Rachael Anderson -- FREE

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Silver Hollow by Jennifer Silverwood - Spotlight/Excerpt

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Silver Hollow
(Borderlands Saga #1)
By Jennifer Silverwood
Urban Fantasy
Paperback & ebook, 429 pages
May 31st 2018 by SilverWoodSketches

"I shouldn't have to tell you this isn't a fairy story..."

After her parents' car crash ten years before, Amie Wentworth trusts books more than people. She may be a writer, but she believes in reality over fiction. She ignores the unexplained mysteries surrounding her, never mind the dreams of a past life, or the fact she can fry technology with a touch. Not even a timely invitation from her long-lost uncle in England gives Amie incentive for anything other than ire.

Until she is stabbed in an alley and brought back to life by a handsome stranger. Soon Amie is dragged into the very sort of tale she is used to selling. To make matters worse, the man who saved her life keeps turning up and her would-be-murderer is still at large.

After crossing the Atlantic to her father’s homeland, she discovers a world beyond imagining. Silver Hollow is a place of ancient traditions and supernatural dangers, where everything is the opposite of what it seems and few escape sane. Faced with an impossible choice, Amie is forced to confront a deadly family legacy while remembering a life she soon wishes to forget.

**Previously published in 2012. This NEW EDITION has been FULLY REVISED AND EXPANDED. The original novel is now no longer available.**

About the Author

Jennifer Silverwood was raised deep in the heart of Texas and has been spinning yarns a mile high since childhood. In her spare time she reads and writes and tries to sustain her wanderlust, whether it’s the Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania, the highlands of Ecuador or a road trip to the next town. Always on the lookout for her next adventure, in print or reality, she dreams of one day proving to the masses that everything really is better in Texas. She is the author of two series—Heaven's Edge and Wylder Tales—and the stand-alone titles Stay and Silver Hollow.

PRIZE PACK #1: 1 winner will receive new Silver Hollow swag, themed bookmarks, stickers, bookish themed tote, and B&N Illustrated Hardcover Editions of Grimm's Fairy Tales and The Story of King Arthur & His Knights (US only)
PRIZE PACK #2: 1 winner will receive signed swag (mainly Silver Hollow and Wylder Tales), ebooks of the Wylder Tales Collection, and a free voucher for Bound Beauty to be published later in 2018 (open internationally)
ENDS: June 6th

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Prologue Part 2 (10 Years Ago)

Their families were lucky enough to live close to the big city but have enough land to breathe. The twins lived in a ranch styled home on the other side of the fence separating their families’ properties, which connected to a barn in the back field. The Blackbriars owned and bred horses, their property an open field of swaying grasses. Amie’s land was thick with trees most people would cut away. Yet her father, Drustan insisted on keeping the land as-is. The only exception was the garden in the back where he and Amie grew flowers and vegetables together. Since anything techy tended to glitch and break down on them, the garden was a primary source of entertainment and comfort. The garden was where she went after the funeral.
She dug her hands in the dirt and stared at the yellow of her dress, hating the color more and more as the thunder rolled and she allowed herself to cry. She imagined the lightning falling from the sky, piercing her flesh and grounding her to the earth.
Part of her, the sick and twisted part, wished she had said yes when her parents asked her to come to the party, yes to an early death. Mother’s parents passed when Amie was a little girl. Father never mentioned his side of the family. She was alone in the world as far as she knew.
Yesterday, her Father’s lawyer informed Amie she was independently wealthy, thanks to her old man’s shares in the company. She should count her many blessings, like Mother always insisted. Instead she hugged the dirt to her chest and wished for things she didn’t have the power to change.
“There you are!” Faye announced the twins’ arrival. Amie clenched the packed soil in her palms and shuddered as she relaxed her fingers. “She’s soaked through, Joey,” Faye added.
Amie was thankful the rain disguised her tears. She didn’t argue with them when they took her by each elbow and led her to the house.
“You trying to drown out here in this storm, Wentworth?” Jo asked as they made their way through the back yard and up the wooden steps of the back porch. The stone and wood house could best be described as an English cottage and was half the size of the ranch house next door.
Faye opened the back door and familiar smells washed over her as they stepped inside. “There’s a pile of flowers and cards on the kitchen table over there,” Faye said, matter-of-fact. “We brought all the food to our place, since you’re staying with us.”
Amie pulled her arms away and folded them across her chest. “No.”
Faye stood in front of her, hands on her hips. “Excuse me?”
Jo squeezed between them. “Don’t push her, Faye.”
Amie passed notes on the fridge, purses and keys and paused in front of the kitchen table. Her fists were still full of dark soil and she itched to be back in her garden, but the flowers were some comfort.
Faye was on her heels. “Amie, I know today sucked…”
“Just today?”
Faye shifted. “Okay, we don’t expect you to miraculously bounce back. But we are not leaving you here in this house by yourself. Mom won’t let you either.”
“This is my home,” Amie replied. “It’s in my name now.” She stared at the letters and noticed a yellow envelope poking from the bottom of the stack. The paper looked old and much as she hated all the other condolences, something about this one screamed, Read me!
Jo stood between her and the table, filling her view. “We know it’s your home, but we aren’t leaving you by yourself.”
“Yeah,” Faye interjected, “even if that means we stay here tonight.”
Jo nodded encouragingly. “And tomorrow, we can go next door and you can talk to Mom and Dad about what we’re gonna do next.”
Faye sighed. “Like we’d abandon you, Wentworth? What kind of best friends do you take us for?”
Amie cracked a smile then and for a little while, she let them pretend tonight was just another sleepover while her parents were away.
The girls drank hot tea by the fireplace and talked about the fantasy story Amie had been writing for ages. She didn’t bring up the strange stranger at the funeral, or mention she wanted to bury herself in the earth of her garden and sleep forever. Instead, she pretended to be a normal teenager for a little while. They spoke of college plans, about the house they had been looking at renting together near campus and the gorgeous boys they would meet there.
After they crawled into Amie’s big queen-sized bed with chocolate and candy later, the twins cried. Amie was silent as the sisters recalled all the trips their families made together and how Drustan and Melody Wentworth were like parents to them. Amie held their hands as they lay on her bed and waited for them to fall asleep.
In the wee small hours of the morning, she crept back downstairs and to the flower strewn kitchen table. She held her breath as she pushed aside the other cards and pulled out the larger, yellowed parchment. She threw another log in the fire and simply stared at the name scrawled on the envelope.
Jessamiene Dameri Nimue Wenderdowne
No one knew her full name. Even the twins forgot she had two middle names, so the fact it was written front and center in bold calligraphy sent chills down her spine. Most disturbing of all was the fact they gave her a different, yet familiar last name other than her own. Familiar, because it was the name of the northern English village Drustan had been from. On the other side of the envelope was a seal that set her teeth on edge. Again, here was a symbol she recognized from her father’s mysterious past. She cut her finger on the envelope as she pried it open and pulled the parchment free. The letter was written in the same careful calligraphy as her name.

My heart aches for the loss you now bear. No one deserves to lose their family so young, especially in so savage a manner. I, too, have borne similar loss and now share in your pain.
I have no doubt my brother has shared little with you of our ancestral home, or the legacy you share, dearest Jessamiene. Drustan held little love for our world and its responsibilities.”
Amie paused and read over the words a second time. “Brother?”
My deepest regret in learning of his passing, is that I never had the chance to tell him how important he was to me, or how he will always be my brother both in blood and heart. Now that he is gone, I find myself wishing to know you, my only niece, perhaps so we may find comfort together. I also wish to impart the truth of our legacy, should you choose to accept it. I wish to give you the answers your father was unwilling to.
I know the sacrifice you will make to come to England, and I do not lightly view the circumstances you find yourself in. At present, my own circumstances are difficult at best. It cost more than I can say to be certain this parchment met your hands. I pray you guard it, dear one, but follow my instructions and all will be revealed.
Uncle Henry”
Amie lowered the letter and stared into the flames. She listened to the ticking of the grandfather clock in the hall and looked over the same style of antiquated penmanship Father forced her to practice every day. Most things Father had taught her seemed glaringly outdated. Now, judging by the heavy ink, the broken seal and parchment, she could see why. Was Wenderdowne more than a setting for the fairy tales Father told her as a girl, after all?
Only a few hours ago, Amie believed she was alone in the world. Now she had an uncle asking her to come and live with him in England.
“How Brontë of him.” Her voice sounded hollow and too loud. She looked at her home and for the first time understood why the twins wanted her to come over. This place wasn’t her home anymore, it was a mausoleum of memories. She fought the sudden urge to rush back upstairs and crawl into bed between her best friends. At the same moment, bitterness she didn’t recognize arose inside her.
Why wasn’t Uncle Henry at the funeral and why did he wait until Father was dead to extend the olive branch? She folded the letter up again and stashed it beside the plane and train ticket waiting inside the envelope. Crumpling the envelope in her hand, she held it over the fire and commanded herself to throw the bloody olive branch where it belonged. If Father didn’t want to have anything to do with his home, then neither did she. But something in the letter kept her from watching it burn to ashes, a phrase Henry used to describe their deaths.
“savage manner…”
She smoothed the wrinkled parchment against the hearthstones. She found her favorite Brontë novel, Jane Eyre, on the coffee table where she last left it and hid the envelope inside.
The next morning, Amie packed her bags and went to stay next door. She never spent another night in her parent’s cottage and wouldn’t look at Uncle Henry’s letter for ten years, the day she would die.

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Grump by Liesl Shurtliff

Grump: The (Fairly) True Tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Author: Liesl Shurtliff

Release date: May 29th, 2018

Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers

Hardcover: 304 pages

ISBN13: 9781524717018

FTC FYI: I received an ARC from the author/publisher. All views and opinions expressed are my own.

Goodreads Summary

From the New York Times bestselling author of Rump, comes the true story behind another unlikely hero: a grumpy dwarf who gets tangled up in Snow White's feud with the wicked queen.

Ever since he was a dwarfling, Borlen (nicknamed "Grump") has dreamed of visiting The Surface, so when opportunity knocks, he leaves his cavern home behind.
At first, life aboveground is a dream come true. Queen Elfrieda Veronika Ingrid Lenore (E.V.I.L.) is the best friend Grump always wanted, feeding him all the rubies he can eat and allowing him to rule at her side in exchange for magic and information. But as time goes on, Grump starts to suspect that Queen E.V.I.L. may not be as nice as she seems. . . .
When the queen commands him to carry out a horrible task against her stepdaughter Snow White, Grump is in over his head. He's bound by magic to help the queen, but also to protect Snow White. As if that wasn't stressful enough, the queen keeps bugging him for updates through her magic mirror! He'll have to dig deep to find a way out of this pickle, and that's enough to make any dwarf Grumpy indeed.

My Review

I absolutely love a fairy tale retelling, and one from Liesl Shurtliff makes me love them even more! I have adored every book she has written. Liesl writes her characters perfectly and every one is unique and fun. Grump was especially fun. It was written on "Grumpy's" point of view. I loved everything about Borlen AKA Grump. Borlen is a unique dwarf, he doesn't enjoy being underground and is fascinated by The Surface. All the dwarfs think he is strange, but his parents never give up their dream of him being on a digging team. Borlen is assigned to a team as the Seventh, and ends up on an adventure that has him entangled with the "E.V.I.L" Queen and Snow White herself. I loved Borlen's and Snow White's interactions.  As always, Liesl adds her own wonderfully clever and entertaining twists to a classic tale and gives it a fanciful magic of its own. 

5 out of 5 stars.

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Amazon / Barnes and Noble

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The Gift of Love by Delaney Cameron -- Book Blast

Leah didn’t plan to still be searching for love so late in her twenties. Her looks almost guaranteed her success with the opposite sex, but quantity doesn’t mean quality. Good thing she’s got a great career to fall back on. The only dark cloud on that particular horizon is the enigmatic Dr. Levy, the man she’s come to think of as a permanent thorn in her side. Brilliant and handsome he most certainly is, but that doesn’t make up for the fact that he’s also stern, impatient, and bad-tempered. Oddly enough, it isn’t their mostly negative encounters that linger in her mind. Instead it’s the sadness she glimpses from time to time in his face. There’s no explanation for why she’s so bothered by this, nor can she imagine a situation where she’ll be in a position to discover the cause of his silent misery. All of which means she’s wasting her time. If anyone can take care of himself, it’s Dr. Levy.
Stratton had only been at Hutchison Clinic a short time before he heard about the beautiful nurse on the second floor. In his usual skeptical fashion he discounted the gossip until he saw Leah for himself. He had no problem admitting that the reports of her beauty hadn’t been exaggerated, but appreciation was as far as he was prepared to go. Love, romance and the so-called happily-ever-after only exist in the movies. Putting your happiness in someone else’s hands is just begging to be hurt. He has a monthly alimony payment to prove it. Getting his family and friends to understand his preference for bachelorhood isn’t so easy. While he appreciates their concern, he doesn’t need the complication of something with such overwhelming odds of failure. One ex-wife is enough for any man.

Praise for the Book:
“This book is so good, I couldn’t put it down!! It is a story of love, heartbreak and forgiveness, all told in such a beautiful way you get caught up in Leah and Stratton’s life and love. A good series and this is the best one.” Joyeli3, Amazon reviewer.
“The journey that Ms. Cameron takes us on with Stratton and Leah was simply amazing. This book brought up several emotionsfor me. I loved every bit of this book just like I’ve enjoyed every one of her books.” J. Simpson, Amazon reviewer.
“I loved this story. Absolutely fantastic. Loved the characters, the setting, the drama and conclusion this book has. You will love this book from opening to closing. You can’t go wrong. The story is awesome.Ms. Cameron is an excellent author. I can’t stress it enough…Read It!” SCBooklover, Amazon reviewer.
Leah walked out the side door of the house and didn’t look back. She’d known going to this party would be a mistake. What had she expected? This is what happens when you’re dumb enough to go on a trip with three other girls, only one of whom you’re reasonably acquainted with.
A shudder went through her that had nothing to do with the coolness of the night air. It had everything to do with being around guys who don’t understand what ‘no’ means. She wasn’t going to spend the rest of the evening hiding in the bathroom. The cabin belonging to Jessie’s parents that overlooked Lake Oconee was only a few miles away. She could be there in an hour if she walked fast.
It was strange that she felt safer on a lonely road than in a house full of people. She’d always been afraid of the dark; now it seemed like a haven. A sweater would have been nice, but then again, she hadn’t expected to be returning from this adventure on foot. Not bringing the right clothes was the least of the mistakes she’d made lately, but thankfully the end of this disastrous weekend was in sight. By tomorrow evening, she’d be back in Myrtle Beach.
The flash of a set of powerful headlights had her groaning inwardly. She moved off the road and reached in her pocket for her phone. Please don’t stop, she pleaded inside her head. In spite of this silent request, the profile of a truck pulled alongside her followed by the ominous low whine of the window sliding down. Great! This was just what she needed to make this terrible night complete.
“Excuse me, miss,” said the last voice she expected to hear. “Do you need a ride?”
Of all people, why did it have to be him? Was she ever going to be in a situation with this man that wasn’t embarrassing? At least he hadn’t recognized her yet. Hopefully, she could keep it that way. Not looking at him, she lowered her voice before replying, “No, thanks.”
“Are you sure?” his deep voice persisted.
“Very sure. My house is the next driveway.”
Dr. Levy laughed and for some reason Leah’s heart began to beat faster. She quickly found a reason for this anomaly. She’d never heard him laugh before. She’d even entertained the thought that he’d forgotten how. Like everything else about him, it was hard to ignore.
“That’s quite a coincidence,” he was saying. “My house is the next driveway, too.”
She might as well give up. This just wasn’t her night. “That figures. I can’t even get away with a lie these days.”
“There’s no need to lie. It’s just common sense.” He leaned across the console and opened the door. With the aid of the dome light, she was able to confirm his identity. She couldn’t decide if it was the absence of the formal attire he wore at work or his ruffled hair that made him appear so much younger and (dare she say it) approachable. Her glance dipped lower, taking in the corded muscles in his arms and chest straining against the material of a long-sleeve t-shirt. Yowza! If the nursing staff at Hutchison’s could see him now… His voice brought her eyes back to his face.
“Leah! What a surprise! I didn’t expect to find you so far away from home.”
That made two of them. “I’m, uh, spending the weekend with friends.”
“Who have apparently left you high and dry. Hop in, and I’ll give you a ride to wherever you’re staying.”
“Are you sure? I hate to take you out of your way.”
He smiled lazily, and this time Leah’s heart actually jumped in her chest. Could shock cause that?
“Let me worry about that.”
Feeling as if she’d stumbled into some kind of twilight zone, she climbed into the truck and reached for the seatbelt. “The address is 48 River Knoll.”
He shook his head in what she assumed was disbelief. “You were planning to walk that far?”
“It was better than staying where I was. Is your house really the next driveway?”
“I may be a lot of things, but I’m not a liar. My uncle left me a small cabin on the lake.” He pulled back on the road. “You picked a good time to visit this area. The dogwood trees are at their peak right now.”
Leah forced herself to relax against the seat. “That’s the main reason I came on this trip. Spring is my favorite time of year.”
“Mine, too. Are you from Myrtle Beach originally?”
“No. I grew up in Columbus, Georgia.”
He sent her a quick sideways glance. “You don’t say? I’m from Stone Mountain, which means we’re both Georgians. That must count for something.”
“I guess it does. You can drop me off by the mailbox.”
“I don’t drop off passengers at the mailbox, and in case you haven’t noticed, it’s pitch dark outside. We don’t need you tripping over something.”
Leah lapsed into silence. There was no point in arguing. This somewhat surreal experience would be over soon enough. A few minutes later he drew to a stop in the shadow of the porch.
“Here we are.”
She unbuckled her seatbelt and fumbled for the door handle. “Thanks for the ride, Dr. Levy.”
He threw her the same amused smile he’d done on those previous occasions. “You’re welcome, Leah. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.”
She barely suppressed a shudder. There had been little enjoyment so far and having Dr. Levy find her in such a predicament hadn’t helped.

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Love by Marcelle -- Book Blast

Love by Marcelle
When a hard-working, Southern boy rescues an opinionated, capable girl…
Welcome to a Southern Louisiana cul-de-sac where a single mother, her college-aged daughter, two orphans, a Cajun, a Creole, and five Mexicans live as one lively, extended family. Together, these neighbors share a lot of sweet romance, friendship, laughter, and sorrow.
Ava Baptiste and her Mama live a tranquil life in the rural South. A brutal event leads her into a deep bond of friendship with Remi, a noble, young man burdened with life’s difficulties. Ava and her boisterous neighbors encourage Remi to persevere through the challenges he faces. Grateful for finding nourishment for his disillusioned soul, Remi encourages his new friends to obey their hearts and pursue love. Through lots of laughter and occasional pain this group of friends, young and old, persevere together to squeeze every drop of goodness they can get out of life.

A stand-alone, Christian, coming of age story with lovable characters, tender romance, and terrific humor. A moving tale of a community bonded by their love of life and their genuine faith. Greater love has no one than this …

Praise for the book:
“A must read! Very well written. I love the characters in this book. Couldn’t put it down, especially the parts where Ava and Remi affectionately and humorously interact with one another. A beautiful love story even in the midst of hardships. And, of course, I love happy ever after!!!” Amazon Customer
“Our generation needs more books like this one. Great book, it was very insightful and inspiring. I hope there are more books to come from this author.” Raige, Amazon
“This was a great book that I truly enjoyed. It made me laugh often and it made me cry once. There was a lot of romance between several characters, a little suspense, some action, adversity, and many funny moments. The characters were engaging and the dialogue between them was realistic. It was a stand-alone and it was clean, which I really liked. Five stars, definitely!” Cyrano, Goodreads

About the Author
Marcelle has lived many places, but always in the Deep South. She is married to the most romantic and affectionate husband in the history of the world. Cupid in the flesh without the speedo and jelly belly. Just ask their children, they will tell you that when it comes to Mama, Papa is a real, non-suicidal Romeo.
Marcelle is also Mama to ten, literally, remarkable children. Yes. That is correct. She endured childbirth ten times. Yet, she is still practically sane, and every single child was so worth it. Life is sweet.
Marcelle is a voracious bibliophile who has recently come to accept that it is not unethical to use an electronic device to read a book. Although she still experiences utopian sensations in the midst of a library filled with old tomes, she is now able to read an ebook without feeling aberrant
Having always loved to read and to write, Marcelle became an author with the hope of sharing her love for encouraging, Christian fiction with new friends. She had so much fun writing her first novel, Love, that she is industriously burning up her keyboard at her top speed of twenty words per minute, composing her next work of Christian fiction.

$50 Amazon Gift Card or Paypal Cash Giveaway
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