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Hearth Fires by Dorothy Keddington

Hearth Fires

Author: Dorothy Keddington

Publisher: Walnut Springs/Currawong Press

Published: Dec. 31, 2013

ISBN: 978-1-59992-894-4

Genre: Romantic/suspense

Paperback: 303 pages

FTC FYI: Received a paperback copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads Summary

Mackenzie Graham's ideal assignment - writing an article on storybook homes - takes a dangerous turn when she photographs a clandestine meeting between a prominent judge, a black-market kingpin, and a crooked cop. Rescued from harm's way by a rugged cowboy-attorney, Mackenzie finds her career and life forever changed. Flying bullets and wild bulls team up with romance and suspense in the classic Keddington tradition. This exciting new novel will warm you on the coldest of nights.

My Review

I am so excited to shout this new book from Dorothy Keddington from the rooftops!  I have been eagerly awaiting a new book from Dorothy for years.  Dorothy is the beloved author of Return to Red Castle, Jayhawk, Shadow Song and many others.  Dorothy is also my "Aunt Rae", so that makes it all the more exciting.

Hearth Fires is full of the same heart-pounding romance, suspense, and twists that make all of Dorothy's books shine.  Hearth Fires has a page-turning plot and well developed characters that will keep you up late reading.  I loved Mackenzie and William.  They had a connection that was instant and deep.  I loved the kind, caring way William was with Mackenzie and when he was gone, I missed him.  All of the characters are enduring and entertaining.  You will be thinking about these characters, long after you finish reading.  The story is so exciting, and the romance heart-felt.

5 out of 5 stars.

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