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A Portrait for Toni by Annette Lyon

A Portrait for Toni

Author: Annette Lyon

Published: September 4, 2013

ebook: 279 pages


FTC FYI: Received a Kindle copy in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads Summary

Toni has no idea what she’d do without her best friend, Carter. Who else would she be able to vent to about her parents, her job at the dance studio, or her latest relationship woes? When Toni’s father lands in the hospital, Carter, as always, is there for her.

That is, until he starts questioning Toni, saying he thinks she has an eating disorder. Then she starts dating Clint, the hot new guy at the studio, and somehow that puts a deeper wedge between her and Carter. When she’s hospitalized after an on-stage collapse, and Carter stupidly starts in with advice about food and weight, she sends him away—then instantly regrets it.

One night after a performance, Toni tries to mend the hurt between them. She goes to visit Carter at work, in his art classroom at the high school. She doesn’t see him there, and instead, she stumbles onto proof that he has feelings for her that go way beyond those of a friend. Toni is left with the very real prospect of losing Carter forever, unless somehow she can return his feelings—but that’s impossible.

My Review

I really enjoyed this book.  I loved the way the story was told.  The point of view would change from Toni's and Carter's and I loved seeing their side of all that goes on in this book.  Toni is a character that has been through a lot emotionally through her life.  That is why, I feel, she turned to anorexia and bulimia.  She feels unloved by her father, as he has been overly critical of every aspect of her life.  She felt control by starving herself or binging.  Carter has been hiding his feelings for Toni for many years.  He stetches, paints and create portraits of Toni to help him with his feelings for her.  Every time he works up the courage to tell her how he feels, something always stops him.  He tries to move on, dating someone else, but Toni is always on his mind.  Can Toni forgive Carter?  Can Carter just forget about Toni and move on with his life?  You will enjoy the journey these two take to find each other.

4 out 5 stars.  Annette is the author of many awesome books.  Band of Sisters: Coming Home has been nominated for a 2013 Whitney Award, and A Portrait for Toni has as well.  I can tell when I'm reading Annette's books, she is very smart and knows exactly what she is doing in this writing field.  She is also one of the authors in the Newport Ladies Book Club series.  Her newest installment in that wonderful series, Ilana's Wish, will be out next year.  Annette also contributes to the Timeless Romance Anthologies.  These are very enjoyable novellas with different themes:  Winter Romance, Spring Vacation, Summer Wedding, Autumn Collection, and coming soon is the European Collection.

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