Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Kindling by Braden Bell

The Kindling

Expected Publish Date: July 10, 2012

Publisher: Cedar Fort

ISBN13: 9781462110278

Paperback: 304 pages

FTC FYI: Review copy

Goodreads Summary:  All thirteen-year-old Conner Dell wants to do is pass pre-algebra, play lacrosse, and possibly kiss Melanie Stephens. He didn’t mean to set anyone’s gym shorts on fire or make school lunches explode. But now that the strange powers inside him have been ignited, Conner’s normal teenage life is about to go up in flames!
This fast-paced novel is non-stop fun for kids and parents alike. With characters you can’t help but root for, a plot that keeps you guessing, and plenty of humor, it’s a guaranteed thrill ride from cover to cover!

My Review

Conner, Lexa, and Melanie are noticing strange things that keep happening around them.  A creepy guy that no one else can see, kids being set on fire, and teachers that are acting really odd.  The three notice that the teachers seem to be getting them in trouble on purpose. That's when they start to really worry.

That is the only summary I'm going to give you, I don't want to give anything away. There are some great twists and turns, and so much action.  You are just going to have to read it and see.  I will say this, my favorite part is when the kids go to Disneyworld, and they have quite an adventure in It's a Small World.

This is such a fun book, with some great action scenes and dangerous tense moments.  It also has great humor, and lots of heart.  I loved the relationship between the 3 kids, and the teachers.  The author writes teenagers very well, and you can tell has had experience in that area.  A very fun read that will keep you turning pages until you are through, and wanting more.

4 out of 5 stars.  The Kindling is Braden's 2nd book.  His novel The Road Show was released in 2010.  Find out for out the author here, and on his blog.

The Kindling has not been released.  Look for it with these links below coming soon.


  1. Thank you Mindy! What a wonderful review! Thank you for doing this. I'm so glad you liked it.

  2. I haven't heard of this one. Thanks for the heads up. And for being careful about the spoiling. lol