Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Becoming Bayley by Susan Auten

Becoming Bayley

Author: Susan Auten

Publisher: Deseret Book

Published: May 2012


ASIN: B008224CBQ

FTC FYI: Review copy

Partial Goodreads Summary:  Bayley Albrecht's dream is to play soccer on BYU's South Field. When she is invited to soccer camp the summer before her senior year in high school, she just knows she's one step closer to her dream. Things get even better when she meets Matt Macauley, the star of the men's soccer team. When they decide to write each other while Matt is on his mission, Bayley figures her life can't get any better. But it certainly can get worse...
Becoming Bayley is the story of one girl's journey through self-discovery, of the definition of true love, and of the realization that as a daughter of God, she is of infinite worth.

My Review:

Bayley is a tom boy.  Her sister is always teasing her because Bayley doesn't like to wear make-up, and Bayley is always teasing Fin, saying she won't walk down the driveway with out it.  When we meet Bayley she is packing up for soccer camp at BYU.  All Bayley wants is for the girls coach to see her play.  As Bayley soon realizes, life doesn't turn out how you want it to.  The coach is called away for a death in her family, and Bayley is bothered by a rival's little brother.  At a devotional, she listens to fellow soccer player's testimony on how he decided to go on a mission.  Immediately she is attracted to him.  With the help of her roommates, she gets a makeover and is ready to meet Matt after the last big game.  Only one problem, will Matt even be there?

I was lucky enough to read this for the author last year.  I was immediately drawn in to the story, I read it in one day.  I was so thrilled for Susan when she told me Deseret Book was publishing it as an eBook.  Bayley is a great character to read about.  All of her life she wanted to play soccer, and during a practice, something happens to her that could change all of that if she lets it.  One character that really surprised me throughout was Fin.  She really helped Bayley through her trials.  Fin does something for Bayley that had tears flowing.  Matt was also a favorite.  I loved the letters they would write to each other while he was on his mission.  This book is a perfect example of how we need our Heavenly Father's strength and guidance through our lives.  There were so many parts of the book where there was a big smile on my face.  Especially when Matt and Bayley are at the South field at BYU.  Many times there were tears also.  The author does a great job of character development.  Each character was important and was written well.

4 out of 5 stars.  Very enjoyable read, and make sure a kleenex is handy too.  This is the author's first published novel.  Read more about Susan here.


  1. I've heard a lot of good things about this book. It's on my to-read list.

  2. YAY!! This has been on my TBR pile for a while. Thrilled for her!