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Beneath the Bellemont Sky - Ranee S. Clark -- Blog Tour

Beneath the Bellemont Sky

Author: Ranee S. Clark

Publisher: Covenant

Published: March 2018

ISBN13: 9781524402785

Paperback: 193 pages

FTC FYI: I received a paperback from the publisher, all views and opinions expressed are my own.

Goodreads Summary

As WWII draws to a close, war widow Vera Larsen Trumbell knows all too well the sacrifices of those left on the home front. Working on her family's farm has sustained Vera and her young children, but she now yearns for a sense of normalcy. The end of the war has been bittersweet for the Larsen clan as they and the residents of their small Wyoming town continue to pick up the pieces of their former lives.

Navigating the complexities of a postwar world, Vera and her family face the changing ideals swirling around them. From rising controversy surrounding women's presence in the workplace to the town's cold reception of the newest member of the family—a beautiful French freedom fighter—the American dream of days gone by has been thrown off balance. Even Vera's own life is set spinning when, despite her better judgment, she feels a growing attraction for the brooding and mysterious local schoolteacher.

As the Larsen family and their neighbors tread on thorny territory, will the people of this small town find the strength to embrace an unfamiliar and extraordinary future?

My review

I really enjoyed this book. It was different than I expected, in a wonderful way. I instantly felt that I was a part of the Larsen family and the wonderful community of Bellemont. This is a lovely story about World War II and it shows how people picked up their lives after the war was over. I loved how the Larsen women ran the farm and kept it up while the men were away. I also loved how Emily (Sam's fiance) wanted to have a job outside the home. This book showed all those different views. I loved how the story jumped from character to character. The story is told quite differently and I really loved that. Not only is the story told about the Larsen siblings, but a friend of Vera's as well. Her story made me smile. I did want a little more with Vera's and Dominick's relationship, but I really liked them both as characters. Dominick had issues to overcome but he set a fine example to the town regarding a certain character. Josette (Andrew's wife) was also a favorite. Even though they had smaller parts in the book, Vera's parents were wonderful.  

5 out of 5 stars. 

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