Thursday, October 15, 2015

Authors Gerald N. Lund/Rebecca Lund Bellistion -- Giveaway Post

Author Gerald N. Lund and his daughter Rebecca Lund Belliston have teamed up to give away NINE of their combined books. Gerald N. Lund is the bestselling, award-winning author of over 30 novels and non-fiction religious works. Rebecca Belliston is the author of four novels, including the new dystopian trilogy, Citizens of Logan Pond.


Enter to win signed copies of Gerald N. Lund and Rebecca (Lund) Belliston books.

Prizes will be awarded in sets of three and include:

Set #1 Sadie by Rebecca Lund BellistonOnly the Brave by Gerald N. LundThe Undaunted by Gerald N. Lund


Set #2 Liberty (Citizens of Logan Pond 2) by Rebecca Lund BellistonLife (Citizens of Logan Pond 1) by Rebecca Lund Belliston Generation Rising by Gerald N. Lund


Set #3Augustina by Rebecca BellistonIn Tune by Gerald N. LundDivine Signatures by Gerald N. Lund

The winners will be chosen at random on November 1st, so that gives you the rest of October to rack up points. Get more chances to win by sharing, following, and all that fun jazz.


Good luck!!!!

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