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Extreme Measures by Michelle Ashman Bell -- Blog Tour/Combined Review/Giveaway

Extreme Measures

Publisher: Covenant Communications

Published: May 1st, 2015

ISBN: 978-1-68047-165-6

Paperback: 181 pages

FTC FYI: Received a paperback copy in exchange for an honest review.


Following the trauma of her estranged husband's untimely death, Emma Lowell is happy with the life she has rebuilt for herself. She's engaged to a wonderful man and anticipates a fresh start, free from her troubled past. Only one persistent obstacle remains: Margaret Lowell, her former mother-in-law. Margaret continues to be a demanding presence in Emma's life, and her requests have become increasingly disconcerting. When Margaret asks Emma to accompany her on a sentimental journey to the family s mountain cabin, the young woman reluctantly agrees. After all, her fiancé is out of town. No one will miss her. Emma could never have suspected the horror that awaits in the snow-bound cabin, for beneath Margaret Lowell's elderly façade lies a sinister and terrifying nature and a plot born of insanity. Alarmed by the dark plan that unfolds, Emma struggles to escape the isolated cabin in a chilling game of cat and mouse. As the danger escalates, and with little hope of rescue, Emma must engage in a battle of wills if she is to avoid becoming the final piece in Margaret s twisted puzzle.

My Review

I sat down Sunday morning before church expecting to read a few chapters before I got out of bed and ready for my day.  Good thing it was Fast Sunday and I have 1:00 church, because I read the entire book in one sitting!  Extreme Measures is extremely fast-paced and one crazy ride (and I mean that literally).  The whole time I was anxiously turning pages to see what else Margaret would do to poor Emma.  What I really loved was Emma's determination to survive and fight.  She was helpless at first, but as she got stronger, she was really able to keep her wits together when all was hope was crumbling around her.  I really enjoyed the switch in views when the author would show us Emma's friends Cassie and Jess desperately seeking information on what happened to Emma.  They were able to untangle the web of lies and deceit that Margaret did to get her scheme going.  I suspected something early on as to what Margaret's intentions were with Emma, and what really was going on was even more disturbing than what I thought of.  (I'm glad what happened wasn't what I thought.) Although, there was a lot nail-biting suspense, there were some holes that I thought didn't quite get resolved, or were too convenient.  I did think the ending was a perfect way to bring resolution for Emma and her fiance Landon.

4 out of 5 stars.

Sheila's Review

This new quick read by Michele Ashman Bell will keep your anxiety high, and find you yelling a lot at the main character Emma. I wanted her to think through things better before she did them. Always listen to your first thoughts, because they’re usually right! As Emma is too easily manipulated by her crazy ex mother-in-law, Margaret, you can hardly believe what is unfolding on the pages. Each little thing that happens you want to scream out warnings to Emma. The suspense is elevated chapter by chapter as Margaret does terrifying things to her.
Thank heavens that Emma’s two close friends, Cassie and Jess investigate why their friend is missing and get Emma’s fiancé, who is traveling overseas involved. They had a hard time getting the police to help them at first. Overall, the story ends well, but you will go through many heart pounding, page turning, chilling moments before you read the happy ending.

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  1. This sounds so good. I love it when I pick up a book and cannot put it down! Great review :)