Saturday, February 25, 2012

Authorpalooza! Feb. 4. 2012

Me, Sheralyn Pratt, Sheila Staley

Sheila, me, Jenni James, Shannen Camp

Sheila, me, Heather Frost, Cindy Bennett

Sheila, me, Courtney King Walker, Sydney Salter

Me, Sheila, Lisa Mangum, Gale Sears

Author events are up there with Disneyland in my eyes. I love seeing my author friends, and meeting new authors. The best part of the day was introducing my daughter to authors.


  1. This was such a fun day! It was great to run into you and hang out. I love author events!! Have fun with your new blog!

  2. What fun pics! I see Sydney Salter in the second pic from the bottom too. <3 her! So many great authors. :D