Thursday, February 18, 2021

Instant Cooking with Six Sisters' Stuff


Book Description

Six Sisters’ Stuff is one of the most popular blogs for quick and easy cooking and entertaining at home for families. In their tenth cookbook, the sisters introduce a new wrinkle to their repertoire—“instant” cooking in a multicooker, such as the Instant Pot. Multicookers are a fantastic tool for those looking to save time in the kitchen as well as those who are looking for simpler, more flavorful, and healthier fare.
With more than 100 recipes specifically designed for and tested in an electronic multicooker, everyone from beginning cooks to experienced chefs can find something to master in Instant Cooking with Six Sisters’ Stuff. From entrees to side dishes to desserts, there are multicooker options available that fit the bill.

I was so excited to read through this book. I love, love how Six Sisters cookbooks are written. Each recipe has a picture and the directions are easy to read and follow. I am looking forward to trying out the recipes I have saved to cook. I have tried instant cooking in the past, but with this book, I feel the recipes will go a lot smoother and they will be more enjoyable!

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About the authors

The Six Sisters-Camille, Kristen, Elyse, Stephanie, Lauren, and Kendra-started their blog as a way to keep in touch after they moved out of their house and started families of their own. In just a few years their blog has become one of the top sites for women, with millions of visitors each month following the sisters' recipes and tips for running a home. The sisters live in California, Texas, and Utah.

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