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Squint by Chad Morris and Shelly Brown -- blog tour


Authors: Chad Morris and Shelly Brown

Publisher: Shadow Mountain

Published: October 2018

Hardcover/e-book: 256 pages

ISBN13: 9781629724850

FTC FYI: I received an ARC from the publisher, all views and opinions expressed are my own.

Goodreads Summary

My name is Flint, but everyone in middle school calls me Squint because I’m losing my vision. I used to play football, but not anymore. I haven’t had a friend in a long time. Thankfully, real friends can see the real you, even when you can’t clearly see.

Flint loves to draw. In fact, he’s furiously trying to finish his comic book so he can be the youngest winner of the “Find a Comic Star” contest. He’s also rushing to finish because he has keratoconus—an eye disease that could eventually make him blind.

McKell is the new girl at school and immediately hangs with the popular kids. Except McKell’s not a fan of the way her friends treat this boy named Squint. He seems nice and really talented. He draws awesome pictures of superheroes. McKell wants to get to know him, but is it worth the risk? What if her friends catch her hanging with the kid who squints all the time?

McKell has a hidden talent of her own but doesn’t share it for fear of being judged. Her terminally ill brother, Danny, challenges McKell to share her love of poetry and songwriting. Flint seems like someone she could trust. Someone who would never laugh at her. Someone who is as good and brave as the superhero in Flint’s comic book named Squint.

Squint is the inspiring story of two new friends dealing with their own challenges, who learn to trust each other, believe in themselves, and begin to truly see what matters most.

My review

Squint is another hit for this talented husband and wife author duo. I loved it! These authors really know how to tug at your heart strings, all while having you think, laugh, and smile at the same time. I loved how this book wasn't just Flint's story, but McKell's, Danny's, Grandma's, Grandpa's journey too. I appreciated and loved the lessons learned along the way. A great one was when Flint realized things about himself that he needed to change. No doubt he had been through some hard things with his keratoconus. He wasn't perfect either and tried his best to make changes and be brave himself, all while helping McKell with her challenges. McKell was a doll and Danny was a fun character too. His role was small, but he had a big impact on everyone. I absolutely loved Grandpa's football analogies. He was a hoot!

5 out of 5 stars. 

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