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How to Embrace Your Inner Hotness by Leta Greene -- Blog Tour

hotnessHow to Embrace Your Inner Hotness: An Inside-Out Approach to a Lasting Makeover

Author: Leta Greene

Publisher: self

Published: 210 pages


Self help

Kindle: 183 pages

FTC FYI: Received a PDF copy in exchange for an honest review.

Amazon Summary

Your outward appearance might make the first impression, but sixty seconds later, when that first impression is ancient history, it's your inner beauty that needs to shine! If you want to be truly hot, this book will show you exactly how, including the following:

• Why you need to stop buying in to a cultural concept of beauty
• How to transform the way you see and present yourself, inside and out
• How to discover the secrets to the right look for you
• Why different isn't bad—it's your key to hotness
• How to choose happiness now, no matter your current situation
• How to leave pain in the past
• How to figure out what you really want
• How to stop letting other people define your worth, potential, and purpose
• How to find the right man and have the hottest marriage imaginable!
• What it means to be "enough" (and it's not what you think!)

We all experience loss and pain when our lives don't end up looking like we dreamed they would. Professional beauty expert and speaker Leta Greene looked that in the face and made a choice. Happiness and permanent hotness followed. Yours can too, right now, as Leta shares how to create the life and look you want in 15 simple steps—a transformation that will make you irresistibly, and lastingly, hot!

My Review

How to Embrace Your Inner Hotness is a great book with many enjoyable life stories and life lessons from the author.  Each chapter has a "hotness" challenge that will challenge you to actually look at yourself, create a bucket list, getting rid of mental waste, an enchanted mirror to yourself, and many more.  I enjoyed the humor and the personal touch to each challenge.  Many of us struggle with that or that about ourselves and this book does a great job of challenging each of us to accept who we are.  

There were many great quotes throughout this book.  I found a favorite early on.
What does it mean to be "enough"?  Is our goal to be like everyone else?  It shouldn't be, because we are each a unique and special canvas created by a loving God for a particular purpose--our own, not someone else's.  Realizing our purpose is not about a fundamental transformation of our physical features; it is about a fundamental transformation of what we feel about our value. (page 4)
Get this book for you, your daughter, mother, anyone who could use a good laugh, cry, and a great book.

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