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The Believer by Stephanie Black -- Review/Giveaway

The Believer

Author: Stephanie Black

Publisher: Covenant Communications

Originally published: 2005

Genre: speculative fiction

Kindle: 337 pages

FTC FYI: Received a Kindle copy from the author in exchange for an 
honest review

Amazon Summary

There is a place where the threat of foreign terrorism is nonexistent, where there are no arguments about religion, and no battles over politics. Welcome to New America—a place where reading the wrong book can cost you your life!

Ian Roshek finally believes in something. The young history professor has studied a contraband copy of the Book of Mormon—and he knows what it says is true. But now his newfound convictions will be put to the test as he struggles to listen to the still, small voice, while society screams in his ear.

Ian’s sister Jill and her influential boyfriend, Daniel, only see Ian as a man with religious delusions--a man who needs help. And though her facade of brutality hides it, police interrogator Alisa Kent feels a trace of compassion toward this flawed, but courageous man who stays true to his faith--despite the fact that it’s contrary to both logic and public opinion. If only for selfish reasons, she wants to know more. But soon Ian’s choices will ignite a chain of events that he, and those around him, cannot escape.

A taut, must-read thriller, The Believer will cast a lingering shadow and leave you asking what you would give up in order to feel “safe.”

My Review

Words can not describe what a crazy-good author Stephanie Black is.  Her books take you to another place, a place that you are reluctant to return from.  Well, in the case of The Believer, that world was a pretty tough place to be, but you know what I mean.  When we first meet Ian Roshek, he is coming to the aid of a student being wrongly accused of having contraband.  He is taken into custody and tortured (don't worry, it's not graphic) by police interrogator Alisa Kent.  After the agonizing time spent in custody, Kent lets him go.  It takes time for Ian to feel safe again.  The only problem is, Ian really was guilty.  He is a believer, and he can't figure why Kent lets him go.  What happens next sets off a chain of events that will send your mind spinning and keep you reading this awesome book until you turn the last page.

Stephanie is a gifted author.  Her books are so well-written you feel as though you watching a movie instead of reading.  These characters go through a lot.  And by the end, you aren't sure who to trust.  There is so much going on, and not just for Ian, all the characters.  All their decisions affect each other in some way.  The character I found most intriguing was Daniel.  Without giving much away, he has a VERY though choice to make, and on top of that is given life-changing news that will/can affect so many.  Including, his chance to make himself happy.  Alisa Kent was fascinating too.  Every character was so well-written.  The last sentence of this book brought tears to my eyes.  

5 out of 5 stars.  This book made me grateful for freedom of religion.  The sequel to The BelieverThe Witnesses, was just released last month.  I will be reviewing The Witnesses next week!

Stephanie is the author of many fast-paced thrillers.  She won the Whitney Award for her books Rearview MirrorCold as Ice, Methods of Madness, and Fool me Twice.  I told you she was amazing!

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  1. I've loved everything I've read from Stephanie Black. Thanks for the contest.