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A Way Back to You by Emily Gray Clawson

A Way Back to You

Author: Emily Gray Clawson

Publisher: Shadow Mountain

Published: June 1st, 2013

Paperback: 208 pages


FTC FYI: Received a paperback copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads Summary

For two-and-a-half years, Annabelle, a young widow with three small children, has been stuck in the past. Numbed by grief and overwhelmed by the responsibility of raising her three small children alone, she agrees to let them spend the weekend with a friend while she tries to get some much-needed rest at her parents’ home. But the next morning, Annabelle is suddenly sixteen again—and it just happens to be the worst day of her teenage years. As she relives the drama of high school life, Annabelle realizes that her future husband, Mitch, has just returned from a mission and is living on the other side of town. While getting Mitch’s attention is more complicated than she imagined, Annabelle discovers that she is stronger than she has been willing to admit, and there just might be a future for her after all.

My Review

I absolutely loved this book.  It was very different than what I was expecting, but in a very good way.  I thought the premise behind the story was very clever and enjoyable.  To go back in time, with all of your memories.  I wouldn't want to relive my life, it's been great.  But, to go back to high school with that knowledge and possibly make better decisions for myself, knowing what became of my choices, would be intriguing.  Of course, impossible, but fun, right?  

I loved Annie.  I loved her family.  I loved Sam.  Annie had a major crush on him in high school and it lead to her leaving a note to Sam that scares her parents.  The new Annie tells him she's been wasting her time with him and she will have a happy life without him.  Sam finds himself drawn to Annie, and they start spending some time together.  Annie is torn with these feelings, but never forgets Mitch or her children, even though her Mitch has passed away.

5 out of 5 stars!  A Way Back to You is also a Whitney Award nominee.  

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