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Divinity of Women by Heather B. Moore and S. Kent Brown

Divinity of Women_COVERThe Divinity of Women: Inspiration and Insights from Women of the Scriptures 

Published: March 2014

Hardcover: 123 pages

ISBN13: 978-1-62108-623-9

Religious non-fiction

FTC FYI: Received a hardcover copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads Summary

From the moment woman was created on Earth, she served a divine purpose. History is filled with accounts of women who have overcome incredible odds and accomplished great deeds. We can read about some of them in ancient scriptural texts—prophetesses, priestesses, queens, wives of prophets, and daughters of kings.

Most women will not obtain any such title, and they may easily conclude that they’ll never have these types of responsibilities while on earth. But even if they’re not numbered among the higher profile women of past or present, women must understand that they have a calling that supersedes any who’s who list and tops every worldly accolade or prestigious title: They are divine women. They are noble daughters of God.

As we study the divine women who have gone before us and how they handled their various callings and duties, both small and lofty, women will soon recognize the divinity within themselves. The choices that may seem insignificant today have eternal importance, in which a woman’s daily tasks and decisions create the warp and weft of their own souls, and the souls of those they influence. As the nature of divinity slowly weaves itself together through faith and endurance, women will come to understand just how noble and precious their heritage is and how they might serve best in the divine roles with which each has been entrusted.

My Review

I've been reading bits and pieces of this book on Sundays after I get home from church.  Mainly to learn more about these incredible women from the scriptures, but also to keep the spirit of the day with me.  I am blown away by the absolute beauty of this book and the time and research it must have taken to write.  I have always been impressed with Heather Moore, but this book brought her to a whole new level of awesome.

As much as I loved the entire book, the conclusion was my favorite.
"By studying women who have gone before us and how, with heaven's help, they have handled their various callings and duties, both small and lofty, women find strength and comfort in the fact that they are not alone in their duties and responsibility of making correct choices."  (page 109)
I often feel the overwhelming burden of being a mother in these times and my responsibilities to my family.  In reading this book, I am reminding of the powerful examples of those who came before me, that they had a lot more to bear than I, and if I but hold true to my Heavenly Father and His plan, I will overcome as well.

5 out of 5 stars.  The book itself is lovely to look at with lovely pictures, and typesetting that adds so much.

About the Authors

HEATHER B. MOORE is the two-time Best of State and two-time Whitney Award winner for her historical fiction, the most recent being Esther the Queen.She is also the author of the nonfiction inspirational book Women of the Book of Mormon and the coauthor of Christ’s Gifts to Women with Angela Eschler. Heather is a columnist for Meridian Magazine on LDS topics.

DR. S. KENT BROWN is the author of scores of doctrinal works and scripture commentaries, and he is the executive produce of the Messiah film series. His educational background includes a PhD in religious studies, and he has served as the chair of Ancient Scripture at BYU, the director of the BYU-Jerusalem Center, editor in chief of the Journal of Book of Mormon Studies, and associate director of the Neal A. Maxwell Institute. He currently serves as the New Testament scholar consultant for the film vignettes on the Savior’s life.

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