Updated as of October 2019

I have cut down on the amount of books I am reviewing. I am limited in the non-solicited books requests I will accept.  You are welcome to email me and see if I am available. If I have worked with you or your publisher before, please don't hesitate to email. 

My acceptance of your book, does not guarantee a review.   

I read many genres, however, they must be clean.  Nothing with heavy sexual content and/or excessive language. I love middle grade, historical romance, contemporary romance, YA, fantasy, dystopian, mystery/suspense, general fiction, steampunk, and paranormal.

I am happy to promote your book.  However, the same policy applies.  I will not review/promote anything that has heavy sexual content and/or excessive language. 

I accept ARCs, ebooks, and hardback/paperback copies. 

Email me at Thank you. 

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  1. Mindy, if you reopen your reading queue, I'd love to have you read/review "The Dragons of Alsace Farm." Thanks!