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Bloodline by Kathi Oram Peterson -- blog tour/giveaway


Author: Kathi Oram Peterson

Publisher: Covenant

Published: February 1st, 2019

ISBN13: 9781524409234

Paperback: 256 pages

FTC FYI: I received a paperback copy from the publisher. All views and opinions expressed are my own.

Goodreads Summary

France, 1371. The old Queen of France lies on her deathbed with a secret she will take to her grave: there is one true heir to the throne, one who would have the power to ally France and Scotland. But after her death, all that will be left are a few shreds of evidence revealing the stunning identity of her successor.
Flight attendant Skye Armstrong has heard the voice of warning before, and as she’s returning home from London, she recognizes the feeling of dread that accompanies her sixth sense. Walking from the airport terminal to get to her car, she pauses in the middle of the road. Her hesitation gives a Good Samaritan the split second he needs to pull her out of the path of a speeding car, saving her life. But her misfortunes are just beginning. When she arrives home, she discovers that Auntie Marjorie has been kidnapped, and cryptic instructions have been left behind: Skye must retrieve the contents of a safe deposit box and deliver it to the captors . . . No police. Her feelings of dread return.
What Skye discovers in the bank box is baffling: a single page. The ancient document is certainly valuable, and with no time to lose, she goes to the rendezvous to discover the next step. A cell phone rings beneath a park bench. She answers the call, and on the screen is a picture of Auntie, unconscious. Now the kidnapper demands Skye find two more pages or her aunt will die.
What secrets are hidden within the illuminated pages, and who believes they are worth killing for? And what role does the Good Samaritan play in all of it?

My review

Bloodline is a non-stop thrill ride. I enjoyed this book a lot. It seemed that poor Skye found herself in one bad situation to the next. I thought the pacing was written well and the characters were mysterious and always kept me guessing. There was no one to trust and I enjoyed that!

4 out of 5 stars.

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Beneath an Italian Sky by Stacy Henrie - cover reveal

Check out this lovely cover for the next book in the An American Heiress series by Stacy Henrie.

BENEATH AN ITALIAN SKY is coming soon!

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YA Love - Book Tour Launch post

On Tour with Prism Book Tours

Book Tour Launch for

We're excited to be sharing books from four contemporary young
adult authors with you this week along with a fabulous giveaway...

Tour Schedule

February 16th: Grand Finale

Books on Tour

Tour Giveaway

- 1 winner will receive a $15 Amazon eGift Card (open internationally)
- 1 winner will receive a paperback copy of LOVE AT FIRST FIGHT by Maggie Dallen (US only)
- 1 winner will receive a signed paperback copy of PERFECTLY YOU by Robin Daniels (US only)
- 1 winner will receive copies of SECRET GIRLFRIEND & SECRET LIFE by Bria Quinlan (if in the US: choice between the 2 paperbacks or the ebundle, if outside the US, the ebundle)
1 winner will receive a paperback copy of COURTSIDE CRUSH by Kayla Tirrell (US only)

Ends February 20, 2019

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Winning the Cowboy's Heart by Karen Rock - Grand Finale

On Tour with Prism Book Tours

Book Tour Grand Finale for
Winning the Cowboy's Heart
By Karen Rock

We hope you enjoyed the tour! If you missed any of the stops
you'll find snippets, as well as the link to each full post, below:

Launch - Note from the Author

The Cade and Loveland family drama continues with the fifth book in my Rocky Mountain Cowboys series! The Cade and Loveland ranching families, neighbors who’ve been feuding for over a hundred years, are full of such interesting and complicated characters who face, and overcome, personal challenges in unique and inspiring ways to find true love and happiness. . . . I hope you enjoy this long awaited love story where opposites truly attract and learning to love yourself is the first step to truly loving another.

— Karen

"This is an entertaining tale of two "sworn enemy" families who were forced to look "deep within themselves and in others". This story is somewhat predictable, yet, keeps the reader interested until the very end.

This will surely inspire all who read it. The characters are very realistic and the scenes easily visualized."

"What a great story! This book is part of a series, yet I had no trouble jumping in and understanding some of the backstory between the two main families that was established in previous novels.

I really liked Heath and Jewel and wanted things to work out for them. They had such great chemistry . . . . I really liked this story and hope to read future books in this series."

Hallie Reads - Review

"Another delightful cowboy story from Karen Rock, Winning the Cowboy’s Heart puts Jewel Cade and Heath Loveland at the forefront of the action. Their families may be feuding, but the chemistry and attraction they share is undeniable—and seeing their romance unfold is well worth the read. . . . If you love cowboy romances, definitely check out Winning the Cowboy’s Heart. It reads well on its own, so don’t worry if you haven’t read the rest of the series yet (but those books are wonderful, too!)."

"Winning the Cowboy’s Heart is an excellent story, as is the whole Rocky Mountain Cowboys series. It’s well written, highly entertaining, almost impossible to put down, engages the emotions, and is clean. . . . Woven throughout this story is the off-the-charts chemistry between Heath and Jewel, with some kissing scenes guaranteed to leave you weak at the knees, but there’s also tons of atmosphere, character depth and relational drama. . . . I don’t think I’ll ever tire of this series and hope for more stories to come. Highly recommended."

"This has been such a fun series so far. I am loving it. Finally we get to Jewel, one of the rare women in the midst of this family of mostly men. . . . I really loved Jewel. . . . One thing I love about this book was Heath's perspective. . . . The family dynamics continue to play a large role in the book as with all the other books in this series. The bigger story is playing out and shifting with each of the main characters from previous books contributing their part. I love the ongoing feeling of family and, well, the drama that only family can bring.

I can't wait for the next book which is coming soon!"

"Karen Rock does a fantastic job of portraying her character's feelings with vivid imagery that completely sings to my soul. . . . I thoroughly enjoyed the small-town, cowboy feel to the story and loved the grit and determination of both Heath and Jewel, as they work hard to prove themselves and to follow their individual dreams. . . . The chemistry simmers from the start and the gradual release was well worth the wait. I think this one is my favorite of the set so far! I loved every juicy minute of this book and I can't wait for more."

"The beauty of this installment is not just keeping the continuity in tact for the Loveland/Cade adverse relationship stemming from water rights but for giving us a glimpse into how hard it is to recognise needing the time to learn "who you are' before you can consider becoming a 'partner' with someone else. . . . Rock hasn't disappointed me - she's crafted together a wicked lovely fifth installment of a series that is enduring as it is nurturing . . . its a series that once it grabs your emotional bookish hearts, your not going to want to 'let it go' until you get the chance to read the next story!"

"This is a great book inspired by Romeo and Juliet. It has the arts in it (music) and it has a family rivalry. . . . Even though their families are feuding, they are thrown together. As they work side by side they start to fall for each other. . . . I am giving this book a 5/5."

"This is a great book for readers who enjoy clean romance, big families, ranching, music, and happily ever afters. Although I’m sure the previous books in this series are equally enjoyable, this story can be read independently and I definitely recommend it!"

Remembrancy - Review

"With the pull of attraction getting stronger between Heath and Jewell, a looming lawsuit between the families, and discovering what’s most important in their lives, Karen Rock gives readers another thoroughly enjoyable and fulfilling story. Winning the Cowboy’s Heart one is the best in the series yet!"

onemused - Review

"#WinningTheCowboysHeart is a Romeo and Juliet style cowboy romance. . . . Heath and Jewel are a great, complimentary couple. Notably, as a heartwarming book, you won't find more than a kiss in the book- but boy, are there some kisses! I highly recommend!"

EmpowerMoms - Review

"This story was really fun to read! I enjoyed the characters, family dynamics and reading about daily life on the ranch. I can’t wait to read more books in this “Rocky Mountain Cowboys” series! . . . Highly recommend this book and series-it’s a lot of fun to read!"

Harlie's Books - Review

"Okay, I still haven’t told you why I loved the book. Simple. Ms. Rock wrote it and I love the Cades and Lovelands, warts and all. With this story, my emotions and reactions were all over the place and I love her for it. She made me stop and think about it. I’m writing this review the night before its due and I finished the book over a week ago. Yes, I’m still thinking about it and my emotions are still strong."

"Since I read the first book in the series and then ones after that I have looked forward to Jewel’s story. This book did not disappoint. . . . I am enjoying this series. They can be read as a stand alone but I recommend the whole series, they are all great."

"This has been a fun series so far and I have to admit that I’ve been anxiously waiting to read, Winning the Cowboy’s Heart. . . . Ms. Rock certainly made the wait worthwhile by focusing on Heath and Jewell. I absolutely loved the banter between them . . . I love novels that focus on family, friends and hard work something the author covers so well throughout this series. . . . It’s a fast-paced story filled with sweet and loveable characters, Although this is the 5th book in the series it can be read as a standalone but I recommend you read them in order so that you can follow the families and their history."

"I loved Winning the Cowboy’s Heart. Heath and Jewell were fun together. The chemistry between the two was undeniable. I never knew what would happen with them and had to keep turning the pages to find out. . . . I highly recommend it for readers who love a well written, clean and heartwarming romance. "

"It’s like coming home again! Every time I open the latest book in Karen Rock’s Rocky Mountain Cowboy’s series, it’s like being among family. . . . I loved the complexity of their situation, and getting to catch up with news from how our favorite past couples are doing. Great characters, compelling drama and a sweet happily ever after … loved Jewel & Heath!"

"This is a story of learning to trust yourself and to do things that will benefit yourself rather than striving always to please others. It is an exploration of how expectations and dreams can be revised, especially when you discover what your thought were facts really aren’t. . . . I’ve enjoyed every book in this series. They probably work well as standalones but they are about the same families and relate to events in chronological order – I highly recommend them all and can’t wait for the next one, A Rancher to Remember, to be released in April!"

"Winning The Cowboy's Heart by Karen Rock is absolutely amazing. I don't know how but Rock always makes me feel like I am right there with her characters as I am reading. . . . I hope you are ready for a modern day Romeo and Juliet."

"I have been waiting for Jewel and Heath’s story since book one and boy howdy it did not disappoint. With one party already in full crush mode and the other party pretty much oblivious at first, it makes for some interesting tension in close quarters. But whew – once Heath figures things out he’s a man on mission. And since some of that mission involves sizzling kisses, you know I’m on board!"

Don't forget to enter the giveaway at the end of this post, if you haven't already...

Winning the Cowboy's Heart
(Rocky Mountain Cowboys #5)
By Karen Rock
Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 379 Pages
February 1st 2019 by Harlequin Heartwarming

Jewel Cade wants two things—

One is Heath Loveland

The Rocky Mountain cowgirl has her heart set on becoming range boss of the Cade ranch. But first she has to accompany the son of her family’s longtime enemy—and her off-limits secret crush—on a cattle drive across Colorado. Discovering Heath shares her attraction only makes for a rockier road. Because Jewel has a sneaking suspicion that if she drops her guard, the cowboy might ride off with her heart.

Other Books in the Series

And coming in April 2019...

About the Author

Award-winning author Karen Rock is both sweet and spicy—at least when it comes to her writing! The author of both YA and adult contemporary books writes sexy suspense novels and small-town romances for Harlequin and Kensington publishing. A strong believer in Happily-Ever-After, Karen loves creating unforgettable stories that leave her readers with a smile. When she’s not writing, Karen is an avid reader who also loves cooking her grandmother’s Italian recipes, baking and having the Adirondack Park wilderness as her backyard, where she lives with her husband, daughter, dog and cat who keep her life interesting and complete. Learn more about her at or follow her on twitter at

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- 1 winner will receive a $50 Amazon eGift Card - Open Internationally
1 winner will receive signed, print copies of the first four books in the Rocky Mountain Cowboys series (Christmas at Cade Ranch, Falling for a Cowboy, Bad Boy Rancher & A Cowboy's Pride) - US Only
- Ends February 13, 2019

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